Brick Wall Made with Trash

Dumped in my driveway were two very large dump-trailers full of masonry and dirt.

Kenny Hendrick while still alive

Brick walls, Made with Trash

The debris came from a portion of building that was tore down in the City of Springfield.

Of the huge amount of debris, were salvaged 2 types of brick. Most all were solid brick, with the exception of about 100 figure-8 slump-brick.

...another man's blah blah is a whatever.

Hanging stuff on brick wall

Re-using old Solid Brick


It started out simple and without any plan.

I wasn't sure why I was even doing this in the first place.

Trying to conjure up a reason for this creation, by the next afternoon it became clear.

Debris from demolished Hospital in Springfield

...Vanquish the seat idea, vanquish the indoor Grill, vanquish a place to put dry sauna rock things (phhttt....yeah like I need a sauna in the garage, right?), vanquish a place to imprison the capitalists (it's just not large enough for the two monopolies that own our nation).

Pondering other ideas

Will it be a place to hang Light-Art?

...a place to put the Firewood?

Lots of Firewood

...a porta-potty maybe?

Brick Porta-potty

...maybe a place to hang the reverse osmosis?

...a place to put this crappy mirror?

...maybe a place for homeless ghosts?

...Shelving, shoes, chickens?

SOMETHING will go in there!!

Dumb Idea with concrete

Then, I had one of my geriatric "brilliant" ideas to fill the box with concrete (don't ask).

But it dawned on me, *Look left; Ugly, concrete-filled thing

Not only is it ugly, but what an incredible waste of otherwise usable space!!!

So, I spent the rest of the evening digging it all back out. *Look right

Springfield Brick Seat Fail


Maybe a place to serve coffee?

Brick Masonry in Springfield Ohio

Using metal wall ties purchased at Lowes.

The less than 3/16"(of an inch) metal wall-ties are installed into the brick bed joints, and adhered to the studs through the drywall.

I am a photo of Brick meets drywall (with wall-ties)

One brick led to another...

and after a while, it sort of broke up the monotony of fighting off the internal terrorists

Brick Wing Walls and Corners

Laying the brick "on-end" avoided all the build-up of mortar that existed when the brick arrived on location. The excess mortar build-up caused the brick from being able to be installed in a normal fashion, which would be on their beds, rather than their faces (as seen in all the photos).

Springfield reclaimed brick

Springfield Ohio Brick

Aimlessly the brick were "dry-stacked" to get an idea whether or not the brick should be permanently installed using mortar.

Weep hole in brick to allow drainage

Hand-cleaning each and every brick was not an option.

Considering brick floor

Brick Floor

Springfield Garden Watermelon

When the mortar runs out, It's Watermelon Time

Fresh from the Garden!

It was a little early in the season for a ripe watermelon, this one will have to do.

Springfield Garden Watermelon

Debris from demolished Hospital in Springfield

Okay, break's over.

Ghosts in Springfield

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