Brick Wall in Springfield Ohio Made with Trash 2

Springfield Ohio's Kenny Hendrick while still alive

Brick walls, Made with Trash

Part Two

Photos of Brick project

Soldier brick seen on right

Brick Wall Project

Initial brick installation

Furniture being fit into brick wall
Springfield Ohio Brick Breathe Second Life
Stone is in the future

Initially the walls were intended to go to the ceiling. As luck would have it, materials ran out.

Another type of brick for column

Brick Column

The deficiency worked two-fold; mom didn't want the wall to go to the ceiling so now I appease her, and the height allows for great storage on top! (seen in later photos)

Brick Corner

Four parallels

Ghostly hangs on brick wall

Added step-up to contain water

Early stages of shower area

Barely seen Brick Wall

Big Question Mark without a clue or plan

The many close-proximity corners add to the natural reinforcing of the masonry partition wall.

Brick Corner

Finish to existing drywall

Running out of brick

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Hello Springfield

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