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Made in China. Why Not by our Community?

America's Morningstar has Long-Life Products

Morningstar Corporation is one of the finest product-makers I know ofRead More

Not only are Morningstar's all-steel Controllers durable, but unlike the Midnight Solar controllers, the Morningstar Tristar's are able to be set-up plug-and-play

I've personally been using their products for over a decade and never once has a problem occurred.


MagicJack is the Bomb!

MagicJack, a non-capitalist that has evolved in an Industry that is appreciated.Read More

American Success Story, Past and Present

I'm almost 60 years old and of all the phones I've tried, nothing compares to what these guys offer for less than $40.00 A YEAR

That's like completely free! It allows us the freedom to call complete strangers just to chat, even if it's long-distance.

Hello Mom? What do you mean you are not my mom?

Thanks MagicJack!

AT&T Fiascos

Plutocracy neo-corpo-polityRead More

AT-and-T, Tricks and Traps

When our only option for communications becomes embedded by a cabal and goes rogue, then what?

Trickled-down Business

Deception is egregious when it is derived from those that live a privileged lifestyle over us.

However it's almost expected these days, nobody knows what to believe anymore. The deceipt and manipulative practices have many at odds on how to solve the problem.

Adding to the epithet of, "The Business of Government is Business", appears to have trickle-down effects into the private sector.

The following story is obviously true, evidence of bad business.

Chris Coleman Lawn and Tree ReviewExample

"The Business of Government is Business"?

The aforementioned phrase was something I "learned" in School. In fact, if I did NOT put "the business of government is business" as the answer to a question on the test, it would be counted against my grade.

Imagine that. Allowing our young to be corralled into a philosophy brought to you by the strict mandate of upper-class curriculum and "educational" content filler, to have no room for potential deviation from the "norm" of standards set by the few who have the most to profit by training the cattle to myopically stare into the bark of a tree (failing to see the forest fire that is raging on the other side of that tree), leaves us victimized with a bait-and-switch "education".

HOWEVER, if I am an upper-class controller and not only allow cartoons to propagate cigarette smoking to adolescent children, but profit from them also (via taxes, investments in insider trading, etc. etc.), the eyes close tightly and the right hand waves a flag while the mind fails to consider liability.

Programming, it's not just for computers
Programming Children for Slaughter

For the spuriously presumptive over-zealous copyright enforcement agents:

Dear Sirs:

Please cease and desist from damaging my website or the content herein.

The following contains material that is pirated (copied) for educational purposes, and posted here for historical value.

By my having taken the time and effort to post anything herein, no profit is made, implied, or intended.

The law states that I am within the right to do this, namely the law of blah blah.

Fred and Barney, you've a better chance of pursuing them for liability.

We were "taught" of checks and balances and justice for all and blah blah blah, we were given a bait-and-switch programming that profit the few over the many.

To validate the aforementioned statement, here's an example:

If I give your pre-school kid a cigarette, you might beat me up

If I give your pre-school kid a lunch-pail with the marlboro-man riding a cool horse, you might as a good parent destroy the pail.

If I pass by your pre-schooler as a teacher and repetitively tell the kid he or she ought to try cigarette smoking, your kid is more susceptible to become a smoker of a poisonous cigarette (and likely to be dead sooner than later).

But we dare not educate our own offspring by referring to the act as corpo-murder.

Annke Security Systems Review

Wind Storm in OhioRead More

Check out the latest 4k DVR's made by Annke and sold through Ebay

Destabilizing Plastics

Effects of Plastics DestabilizationRead More

Surely We can develop something better than Plastics...just in case?

Hostgator America!

Made in America for the world, Hostgator.

Reliable Service for only $2.00 per month!?

Kudos to a great American Company and achievement.

Before Hostgator I had service with NameCheap. And before NameCheap I had service with Cloudflare. And before Cloudflare I had Google Domains. And before Google Domains I had my own servers running out of the garage...

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