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Made in China. Why Not by our Community?

The military's Google Control weapon Save the World from GoogleThe Google weapon turns a perfect 5-star rating
into this.Deceived by Google

Destruction by Google

Read More
Google in your Pants in 2022

The Danger of GoogleThe Google weapon turns this (look up)

into this (look down). The new mafia

The Danger of Monopoly

Remote Control KILL

Save the Americans! A Plutocracy of the neo-corpo-polity.Read More

Tighten your Belt in 2022

Beware of the Internet Providers

Spectrum Charter ServicesRead More

Full Color, Full Service, Hackers

Centralization of Communications

Censorship in the U.S. by Monopoly Control.Read More

Now that America's Cities are only allowed two Internet Communications Providers, the masses are at the mercy of those IP Providers that abide by the embedded neo-Racketeering "laws" that were created for and by the plutocracy for the interest of the plutocratic stockholders within those limited mono-choice companies.

Can you believe it?

More Censorship

Stifling the once-great Nation, defeated by censorshipRead More

An argument that Censorship of ideas is Terrorism, causing history to be changed, invention and creativity to be stifled, and hinders mankind's advancement toward a better path.

*One might say a Corporate Coup occurred without so much as a blurb in the media (because corporation owns the media, too).

Worse than yelp Have something to say?

Whether it's instructions on how to build something, disassemble something, prepare something, or just a passing thought that simply sounds good, don't wait till you're 6 feet in the grave, our Nation needs your ideas!

Write it up, doll it up, and send it.


Communications is a step toward creative thinking, problem-solving, and economic and social recovery.

Online accounts hacked?!

Online Security illusionRead More

No worries, you're going to die soon anyway.

When bad stuff is happening to your mail Mass Manipulation

Read More

What if I could prove to you that your dreams, secrets, future plans, investments, and your entire mode of communications (whether texting in a phone or emailing with a pc) are subject to the neo-corpo-political privileged consideration? Privacy?

Think, learn, think some more, and act. End of story. (*Short Version)

Selective Programming
Read More

The following Video evidence has been censored from the public consideration by those that have the power to remove content from the Internet (and/or by those that have some guilt shown by the video).

County Censored

****December 21, 2021 UPDATE:

Keep Your Wireless Devices

Potential Security BreachRead More

Keep your nose clean and your presumption of privacy when using wireless (anything) even cleaner.

Manipulation Attacks and Tactics

Manipulating Communications Kills

When control of communications is weilded like a weapon, we all will lose opportunities to do anything great.

Central control of the marketplace, the judiciary, the social setting, isn't enough, now they want total control over communications (and our thoughts are next?)

Manipulation and Tactics

Manipulation Tactics

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