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Images that fit nowhere else on this site.

Girl not included.

Factory Reset 🤯

While relaxing with a freshly-rolled cigarette and enough caffeinated coffee to kill the average chimp, popping right out of nowhere is the question,

Where's the crap? 💩

What I mean is:

If pyramids were made by beast and man,

Where is all the fertilizer?

Camel Feces, Foul Feces, and elephant feces, and various accident-prone men feces... over every inch between every block that comprise the pyramids,

Where is this crap?! 💩

So the question that popped into my otherwise peaceful head, has now likely popped into your head (according to the mind-sciences).

No Solace Today

Not sure if it's related, but add this crap to the new revelations within the science of Quantum Physics, and you find yourself with a lot of temporal products failing to hold shape at some unknown future date.


Here's some good news. It's a chainsaw by


Made in America for the world

Reliable for only $80.00!?

Bloody Chainsaw!


Write it up, doll it up, and send it.

Communications is a step toward creative thinking, problem-solving, and economic and social recovery.


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Do you see the best way to move out of check with the least amount of damages?

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