Google Censorship, Youtube Censorship, and the looting of a Nation

The Stifling Censorship and Plummet of a Nation
Monopolyism and Chain-of-Command Plundering

by Kenny Hendrick

When Google is under control of higher powers

Google turns the following five-star rating:

Great Community Ratings

...into this:

Google Monopoly Antics

Google propagates that my service to the community is shut down.

Suspended Google againSpringfield Computer Repair was only one area of topic of only one of the websites that Google routinely removed.

According to google, the following list is what will get a website banned.

However my websites do not violate any of these reasons of public excuses.

Great Google Lies

So how do my websites fit any of the violations listed above?
Throughout the years the forces that are in place have squelched and terminated more than a half-dozen of my domain names and websites.

Do not assume that I have always been politically opinionated, I have not!

By the malicious punishments of God-knows what or why, is what has turned me toward documenting what my eyes see and my ears hear. The opinionated verse is a culmination of discoveries and eye-witness real-time experiences.

It doesn't just happen to me.

This woman bothered to write a heads-up to the otherwise misguided manipulations of her youtube channel. Censorship HAPPENED TO YOUTUBE

Another person named Brian Kinter thought he would go public to expose how the government robbed him of his liberty and kids for many years in error. monopoly manipulation and censorshipmonopoly suspended Rather than a considerate apology or recompense, the government using the neo-weapons including the remaining Internet Providers (usually only one or two choices to the public nowadays), cloudflare, yahoo, facebook, google, and more, simply suspended his accounts so that the community can no longer hear of the details concerning the lawlessness of the privileged class that rule us.

Short of giving up, laying aside truth, disconnecting from the uncivil Internet and other communications entirely, appears the best peace of mind with the least amount of uncompensated lost works.

I am restricted from using a proxy, tor, or vpn to circumvent the underhanded upstream attacks, even subversion at the bios-level.

Attack Google Weapon

Bios-level attacks

Squelched opinions

You can expect to waste much time to the repeated attempts to derail any ability to remain an active member of google's sites if you are added to the neo-corpo-politico List. If you find yourself (or your company) on one or more blacklists, can you get removed from the illegal lists that have all negative repercussions to you?

This misfortune could prove to be life-long and life-changing unless you exile. I even tried to leave, my passport for a renewal was turned down (which is documented elsewhere on this site).

Great Wall of Google Everyone might see the types of problems I pose on this website at some time or other, but when it is the standard norm to create an account and find within a week or two that the account is hindered from being accessed in an expedient and normal fashion, then it's manipulation for a particular set of reasons (*despite the fact that the google/youtube government run entity give no reasons for their blocking of our Nation's communications at such obvious levels, which means that the controllers can manipulate communications at a global scale just as easily).Great Wall of Google lies

Suspended by Google again

I personally have had more than a half-dozen suspensions from google. No kidding.

My visitors are shocked that I am restricted from what others have the freedom to do, such as visit Cousin Vinny's Pizza website.Oppressive Ruling If you find yourself illegitimately added to one of their illegal lists, intercepting all communications by the controllers of the Internet Providers is a feat accomplished by a simple routing code of script.Banished by Google again

Finding that my site is inaccessible to the remote hoster, and more shockingly that my communications at home are also, is not nearly as disturbing as never having the consideration to receive a notice as to why (there's no warning or reason given, they just do it, because they can without any threat of recourse, checks or balances, a real oversight committee, etc. Authoritarian or Monopoly control offers little or no options).

Calling my google business representative to request to know what happened, and to know why I am suspended and hindered from communications, always ended with extended wait on hold time and the signature apology by the representative (with the admonishment that nobody at google can say why but that I am free to re-apply for a new account). If you are a webmaster or domain server, you know this is no small task to change all the code in every page of every website you might have (At the height, I owned and was gifted websites that totaled more than a half-dozen public sites).

Google Censors Maliciously

The "divide and conquer" tactics of alluding me that I might have a virus (LOL, I have 20 years in the I.T. Field, but okay I'll bite), then alluding me to believe that some "other" is impersonating me (thereby willing to sacrifice living their own life as opposed to living to destroy someone else's...I suppose it could happen, but I intend to prove it's way, way, more than such a dreamy simplicity). Google is a wasteI want to cause your mind to ponder something for a second. It's a bit off-topic but since I have extensively thrown myself into politics to know my attackers better, I'd like to pose a possibility to you.

Google weapon 12

What if our Internet and voice communications have computer programs and personnel alike monitoring for keywords, key-phrases, sites visited, time viewed, types and contents of files downloaded, etc.? The un-published actions of the controllers will change your life forever more (ignorance was bliss, but may cause us from any hopes of a heavenly after-life)Organized collusion What organization?

Suspended by Google weapon 1

What if your every move is being countered by those in control wrongfully, what would be your recourse? Without statements from google or some physical proof, what would you show and to whom? Sham via Google weaponMy website is not allowed in my own country?

The fact is, I do have records just as google and any other webmaster has records and logs. So If I say its government/military/monopoly controlled, consider it might be just as I have stated (then prove me wrong please). Anything I might comment on one of those "social sites" was usually quickly covered up by nonsense comments by fictitious "users". Later it was found that there's actually a named project in which each military agent assigned to the project is given a worldwide untraceable group of user-names. It's sole task? What do you think? (hint: it's not anything that will be good. Censoring the popular, or unpopular comment may inadvertently block some info that might save your family tree. Oh well.)

Our Military?

Department of Defense (or whatever they want to call themselves) has more than even the Internet providers, more than the domain hosters, more than cloudflare and google combined, more than enough potential ammo to blow your attempts to publish something really important, to complete obscurity.

Military Antics?They not only attack my server which now is hosted elsewhere, but they attack me at home too. They've even went so far as to attack my extremely "law abiding" mom as if to punish her, even! But why? What did I ever do to them? And more importantly why are they forcing me to become a political writer rather than an inventor or something better? Nurturing distrust, manipulation, coercion, and other harmful, inciteful and negative actions against a population will sooner or later become the bed of the creators. Then what?

If you are are one of the many beginning to experience the political attacks, you may notice in your logs that Israel, Germany, and other countries are being used as a workaround for the attackers to skirt any American communications laws. How can they convince themselves that this is Good ?

Now you as a reader that happened to have found this rabbit-hole of a website may wonder if maybe I deserve this extra punishment for living. But then you would be judging me without having found that my website shows you how to cook for free (for life) and how to have hot water for free (for life). I don't ask for money, nor is it gimmickry (come to my shop and see for yourself. Everything in here runs forever free...until the controllers do what they do best....incarcerate, murder, destroy, tax, blacklist, basically everything contrary to my bible's details as what is good). My website also made another great discovery that you will not find anywhere on the Internet. It was discovered by mistake but even though this discovery should prove super-great for even our military, I'm instead punished and banished and squelched and banned and destroyed by the entities that control us. They don't edify, they antagonize and suppress and abound with threats and force (to do bad).

Suspended by collusionThey HAVE BEEN doing this in the U.S.! My first recollection of the malicious collusion was about 2007 as when it began, but in 2014 it became the beginning of knowing my attackers because I began to learn to track the attackers.

When Google maligns purposefully, Who profits (and who does not) ? My website holds some great discoveries that will surely help even the homeless and hopeless live without some pretty major expenses, but your kids will not hear it unless the controllers take my discoveries for themselves after first destroying me. Out of sight, out of mind, the history books askew with the profiteering of those that now rule us.

Suspended by Google 1
Suspended by Google 2
Suspended by Google 3

It's that easy to be muted so that the rest of the world will not see you in certain search results or topics.

If you persist (if they actually sent a letter or made an utterance as to what was so egregiously done to receive the persistent attacks), they will incrementally turn your world on-end. No amount of "security" added to your computer will remedy the situation.

Another Google attack method is by misrepresentation.

Kim Doukas has never lived here or the State of Ohio. Google knows this (even before Kim Doukas and myself began writing to google asking to cease and desist).

Google is great at acknowleging the error (but don't actually do anything about it) google shenanigans

The tactic discredits the true owner and actually causes other harm, such as when a contractor we hoped to hire questioned who the actual owner is of our property. He had already been informed of the true owner of the property, but seemed to deduce that the caller (me) was a scammer. I don't mind being doubted, but when the doubt is propagated knowingly by the forces of monopoly controllers and their upper-class investors, it's sheer un-recompensed terrorism at a personal level.

Google Monopoly gang Antics

The three buildings that Google is mis-propagating, are:
The Chicken coop; extreme-left; Indicated by "TW" (this particular week), the "Lab" (center building), and the home (right-most building).Google Disinformation

Notice how much further the actual road is to the right of the genuine home, the home is actively mis-propagated with an incorrect private person's name (without her consent).

Again, Kim Doukas lives in Florida and has never lived here or in the State of Ohio. So who gave the orders to make google continue to propagate incorrect ownership information?

Google does not ordinarily show the owner's name for properties in the google map section.

Yet, not only did Google plug in a private person's name upon a map showing an address that is incorrect for the person indicated by Google, but it is also deemed as worthwhile to note that there is little protection against corpo-political reasoning.

Simply put, Google states the chicken coop is the domicile in the photo shown below. And voila, just like that, the rest of the world is deceived (now kick rocks because there are political investments and interests in Google and the power-house is immune to the courts of justus).

Google Monopoly gang Antics

Kim Doukas (a Florida resident that has never lived in this house nor the State of Ohio), and I, have both contacted Google on multiple platforms requesting that they correct their misrepresentation.

Mass disinformation

It is now 2021 and Google still persists in publishing false information. The building that google states is our address is actually the chicken garage, before this latest change it was labelled "TW" (time warner) by google.

Now google libels the chicken -coop as our home. Where it is labelled, "Kim Doukas", used to say, "Springfield Ohio Solar", and before that it had no label.Google misleading the public2022 is coming to an end and google still persists in propagating disinformation (knowingly), stating someone that has never lived here or owned this place, as the owner.Google misleadsI wonder why Google would disregard the multiple requests that Google cease and desist, still monopoly has shown its inconsideration and power.

What else can Google "legally" do?

Google can Block Communications!

Google Blocks emails

Shown is Google being used as a tool against whomever the controllers of the Internet may have whim to. Do not assume it is Google in charge of Google. It is my professional opinion that the military or the Plutocracy is manipulating the results per community or per individual. This becomes a very dangerous tool that can keep certain groups from seeing the truth, or to manipulate one class of our community from seeing the publications from another class (I have already proven my site is highly manipulated within the google results because throughout the years I've made videos and taken screenshots that prove it). The total centralized control allows manipulation to trick investors, or to deter advancements in areas that would hinder profits for the controlling group's financial interests, etc.

Who or what is controlling our Internet communications in 2021?

All of a sudden, as of October 2021, Google now even blocks communications.

Whoever is running google's gmail suddenly feels inclined to enjoy another sporadic attacks, this time against communications.

When a capitalist entity that has become the centralized power of the plutocracy, those who subscribe to this organized crime need not so much as ever get the chance to make up their own decisions because they are clueless to the decisions already being made for them.

Luckily for me, I have several avenues for communications, I will still be able to circumvent the monopoly attack. I pity the companies and private people that will never know that somebody tried to genuinely contact them with possibly something really important, yet Google decided what mail they should and should not ever see.

In the aforementioned example, a son is not allowed to email his mother because of Google (despite any reasons google might conjure up).

Does my website appear to be spammy to anyone? A cursory glance at my website will yield diversity with a capital D, and not filled with hate-crimes, or unsubstantiated claims, or abusively implementing cuss words, or portraying porn, or profiteering, or capitalizing on my reader, or manipulating someone to buy a poisonous product, or anything bad. So why is my website suddenly banned in its entirety?

Below are only SOME of the topics I've authored; do ANY of my topics appear to be worthy of banishment?

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SpectrumCompromised Monopoly, Secret Blacklist
aka Spectrum Internet Provider Monopoly

And no, it's not even remotely the number of documents that I've authored, yet are obscured. It is shocking that nowadays, when searching for my name on google, I don't exist anymore. Erased. This is how they fix problems that they create.

One Google Representative alluded that it was Springfield Ohio's Local Government that is behind the antics and SEO manipulation, and are the cause for harm. Severed from Society Regardless of which entity is behind the unprovoked damaging attacks, Google is one of the tool sets of choice.

Some of the more nefarious measures that the neo-corpo rulers utilize is to attack via the National Time Protocol (ntp), bios, and other lower-level manipulations that will allow those that lurk privily to do bad under the guise of being on the side of the "good guys" (despite what they do).

Most of the common exploits they utilize are common attacks by poisoning dns which is an inconvenience, but since they've pretty much forced us all to believe the newest https (over http) is for our safety (it's not), the repercussions of which prevent us from organic results. Then there's the uefi trickery that attempts to derail anybody that might prefer a non-corporate operating system (and ironically the two worst are Microsoft and Apple). The proof that programming and monopoly control works. Nobody ever went to the store and asked for the solitary only choice for an operating system regardless of whether the monopoly store is selling hp or emachines, they're only offering is microsoft windows (the ultimate least secure system on the planet today).

Think larger. Act accordingly.

Wait there's much more!

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