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Made in China. Why Not by our Community?

My idea?

Thoughts of an evolved forward-thinking aim.Read More

(so we can get a Taxi Company~ ";-)

Springfield 2019 Wind Storm

Wind Storm in OhioRead More

It's worth some broken stuff to an otherwise boring day...or week.

Don't look Now

Then came a rockRead More

Big Rock aims for Toledo

Poor Nicole Censorship in the U.S. has us re-doing this page.Enough said?

Recycle or ChillFree Solar Electricity from trashRead More

Why throw your trash away? Re-purpose that junk.

And here's a 40-foot International Bus for Sale
40-foot International Bus

Very-well-made, All-Steel, All-American, Home/Storage/Bug-out Vehicle

Read More

Clark County

Local Police.Police Scanner

*Apparently Springfield may have requested to remove the Springfield Clark County Scanner Feed.

The feed's host offered something different (instead of the "us" and "them", divide-and-conquer programming), but has been removed despite the possible violations of the "Transparency Clauses" contained within our "Ohio Sunshine Laws".

Springfield appears to be using tax-payer money to pay an S.E.O. company toward nefarious control over any site that may abide and report on open access (or own a domain name that might contain the word "springfield" and/or "ohio").

This is a problem.

If any citizen makes an utterance that is able to be muted at will, their S.E.O. company can derail any other opinion or perspective (despite the lack of ethics and borderline greater laws being violated to accomplish this).

So the link above has been made broken.

Replace them with what?

This shooting and This Court House being blown up is enough to cause me to say, "I am staying home tonight".

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Home Sweet Home

Where else can you find a country packed with more diverse cultures and colors of people than America?

Sure America, like every Nation, has some ills.

But all things considered, I'd say that somebody is doing an incredible job of managing us all, think about it.

Is American Government on to something toward a greater end for the world?

If you can find a starving American man or woman, ask him or her.

America's system might not be perfect, but they have a pretty good track record of keeping us all afloat somehow.

Read More

Free Convention

Cook Free, Heat Free, Boil Free, Steam Free.

The video below presents the notion that more can be done for less.

End of Story.

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