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This Website is created in memorium of a Springfield Ohio Clark County Municipal Court-Case ripoff

A Judiciary we can no longer afford to finance.

Anche se non limitata agli Stati Uniti

Chain of command

(and we all fall down)

Draft dated: 2017-2018

Ohio Post Underground


Of all the absurdities of this "New World Order", nothing hit home at just how subtle, how out-of-the-public's mind, murder can be when considering the operations of those that own the media programming, the prisons and jails, the police, the courts, the media programming, the children's curriculum in all the schools from grade-school to University. Nothing could ever be compared to the sudden exposure of all the FBI, S.W.A.T., Provo Police, Detectives, Channel 2 & 5 News, of all the supplemental witnesses such as the nice Mormon couple that ran the Provo Utah Amenity Inn; still nothing could hold the murderers accountable.

Provo heard a lie via programming,

and the rest of the world heard nothing,

of two very dead kids.

Not even God could have saved those young adults for the onslaught that was to befall them while they slept.

When I walked from the on-site laundromat, the television reporters appeared to be genuinely interested in a true account of the very issue that prompted their appearance there, instead all they televised was hogwash and me saying.

"....and all I heard was bam, bam, bam....."

This shocked me.

For some indoctrinated reason it was somehow presumed that the reporters would be eager to share the lengthy interview I had with them. Instead, the only words worthy of being "newsworthy" apparently were a redundant bam in "bam, bam, bam".

So this was a true-to-life lesson to me on the phrase, "media spin".

I don't recall if they even put a face with those helpful televised words but would like the proper proceeds for my having partook in the Public Deception.

Corporate programming had me instantly converted from a witness to a crime, to a nameless, faceless person that only heard "bam, bam, bam".

They left out some parts, such as where I stated there was not due process of the law as they blasted those young adults to death with a barrage of bullets. The act was beyond the likes of any gang-related murder ever witnessed by me or televised to me. Gang-related murders do not possess the high-power guns, nor grenades, nor the well-practiced coordination that these uniformed men had portrayed to murder two kids while they were asleep in their bed.

They failed to report any need for a lawful fair trial, before the executions of a young boy who was "wanted" because he was alleged to have ties with the White Supremacist (boogie men), and they fell almost silent to mention almost anything about the dead innocent girl that was also murdered.

Monopoly programming failed to mention the fact that I had related to them of the lack of announcement from the police.

There were no "Freeze Police!", there were no "Come out with your hands up!"

there was no humane method otherwise exercised by grown "normal" men to arrest a young man.

Grown men could not conceive a better means to get the young adults out of the only door to room 212 of the Amenity Inn Motel.

The media failed to mention that I stated that the actions of the armed men put the rest of the public at risk, and that the humane thing would have been to get the rest of us citizens out of the motel for our safety before throwing a grenade through the window.

Instead, the "officer friendlies" used a grenade, the media PROGRAMMERS referred to this in a one-liner as a "flash-bang device". As if we couldn't possibly be any more dumbed-down. We should be so lucky that the media mafia didn't refer to the grenade as a "goo-goo, gah-gah" ...."flash-bang device"...phhhttt.

Instantly after the first loud bang from the grenade, then the door was busted open, and with a barrage of bullets ensured that the boy and girl were dead where they slept.

I had never heard a blast that loud before, but I stepped out into the outside as pieces of the ceiling were flaking down to my room and bed.

An agent spotted me as I walked around to look upstairs!

He was possibly FBI, not police, and not swat.

Dressed in a black suit and suddenly activated as if by a switch, pointing to me as he walked aggressively in my direction shouting,


He had me inside the room and I was pretty much with my back against the left wall toward the head of the bed. He briskly walked past looking pumped up on the devil and demanded to know who else was with me in there. But he was already knowing the answer as he did a quick look-see into the bathroom and the tiny coat area, and was heading back toward me barking the order that I was to stay in the room and not come out.

However, that order seemed a bit vague (*there was not the attached time-frame).

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