Finally a place where an old retarded person can make a contribution to our society!

So you wanna hear about a great new invention, huh?

🌈By pot-luck, I think I may have invented something almost as good as inventing fresh water 🚰 (??wt✂??).

If you happen to find anything like what I developed as described below, please let me know.

Crapilator 1

I will tell you what my first prototype consists of:

1.) One butchered ac hotplate element

2.) that fits into the bottom of one butchered pressure-cooker,

🎵Background music?🎶

3.) along WITH (drum-roll please), a magic button to activate a'la ELECTROCUTION CHAMBER!!!

No (*censored-word)!🕊

Here's how I made it:

After removing the center lug of the pressure-cooker's lid and squeezing a couple of wires down into it, I then soldered two point sets (4 in all) to two internally exposed electrodes (sounding good so far?).

Fecal💩 matter and urine dropped inside is almost instantly converted to a completely safe product 🧜‍♀️ (or for real bad crap💩, you might choose to torture the crap💩 for extra minutes, just because you can).

Proceeding further down (beyond the electrodes) are the heating element which is located at the bottom where a rough 500 degrees can be attained in as little or less than 5 minutes using solar (done in seconds using 110v AC electricity!).🔌

But get this!

We don't need 500 🔥 degrees to kill pathogens and bad bacteria, so my first prototype is way over-kill already!!!

140 degrees is all that is needed to kill all pathogens and bad bacteria.

So we could scale it down to an even 200 degrees (instant zaparoonie and done).

Technically you can throw that crap💩 on the ground and run for cover! Hold off on that, there's more.

No pathogens or bacteria can survive using my "crap💩ilator".

The crap💩ilator works on DC or AC electric!

So by simply pressing the magic button, you are SIMULTANEOUSLY electrocuting and heating to a proper temperature annihilating anything that is alive in your urine or feces💩 (means No More Flushing our soon-to-be precious water 🚰 down the drain)!

After processing your poo💩 in the crap💩ilator, simply place the resultant product into any standard composting station and allow the good microbes (that are already in your existing compost) to introduce themselves to your sterile crap💩 (later incorporating the Humanure💩 to your garden)!

The only down-side to the crap💩ilator (that I can see) is that all bacteria are destroyed (the good bacteria along with the bad). So it's genuinely useless, harmless, but useless crap💩.

What else can the crap💩ilator be used for?

water 🚰 Purification

I'll get to that a little further down this page.

Okay, picture this:

You are in the military...🎖 active duty, and you are being shot at!

Your commander tells you to find cover. Besieged, you run to save your life but suddenly find yourself having to desperately make a choice between a suicide crap💩 or run.

Lucky you. You made it to a safe spot and you did not even soil your pants.

"Be ye separate" 👍

(Do not laugh at our Soldier! It's a scary thing, getting shot at! If you were following me, you'd be brown already, for instance).

Okay, you found a good temporary hiding spot where you can take that emergency dump, But Wait! If you do, they will track you down for that crap💩 (whether by being seen or smelled). You don't have time to dig a hole! That's right, bad poo💩.

This is where I come in.

Who's me? I can summarize that in one short paragraph.

I'm the person that bounces from one extreme to the next, in a relatively short-period of time (for my age anyway).

Crapilator 1v

Why did I tell you that?

Because I want to first give credit to ccchd for supplanting the idea in my head (no kidding, all they had to say was compost and manure in the same sentence and whammo, there I go).

So our local health department (ccchd), had arrived at my house one day and mentioned something about everything...but eventually they narrowed it down to composting, sod-monsters, vegetables, fruits, and possibly a disliking toward pumpkins.

America outlaws pumpkins and gardens by Kenny Hendrick is licensed under CreativeCommons.Org

Anyway, I have a compost and love it to death. You would be amazed of the size of some of the plants and the size of the vegetables that derive from composting (it's a god-send to any garden).

Composted Garden

But now the Health Department just outlawed my whole world (eeek).

So, long story short, I developed the shit💩ALATOR (a.k.a. "The crap💩ilator":)

Here's how I envision the finished product (to our military, I mean):

Army-Issue Toilet (crap💩ilator prototype)

  • 1.) It's the size of a medium-sized can lid but 3 inches thick when fully decompressed. It is of lightweight metal that does not easily bend and will aid in bullet-proofing our soldiers (crap💩ilator mounted under uniform over heart-area).
  • 2.) The product is a collapsible unit that when not collapsed, becomes a container that holds liquids (urine and feces💩 is the originator's purpose, so...).
  • 3.) The collapsible vat is where you can safely urinate and defecate💩. Press the small button on the side of the crap💩ilator and voila! You have just electrocuted and heated all bacteria and pathogens for some really safe crap💩s!!!!!

Don't misunderstand me, the crap💩 is useless after this process. Throw that crap💩 over your shoulder and make it to safety! (you might remember this sentence).

Not only does it make your crap💩 safe, but you did it without wasting precious water 🚰 from a flushable toilet!

So far I've not developed the collapsible version (sorry, I'm limited). However, ccchd (the Health Department here) has not replied to my repeated requests for a bulk amount of pathogen/bacteria testers. Despite that, I am absolutely 100% positive that this crap💩ilator is above and beyond the necessary requisites for the destruction of the baddest part of any poo💩 in existence (seriously, whether man or beast).

So if heat is all that is required to kill all pathogens and bad bacteria, then why the electrocution?

Glad you asked. For several reasons actually.

First and formost, Why Not?

Did I say it can purify water 🚰 and make it safe to drink?

Once upon a time, I drank water 🚰 out of a marshy area while running for my life. A small culvert was magically presented before me and I dove in. While going through spider webs and God knows what else (it was night-time so the other end was not even a faint light), I kept going stopping only momentarily (to listen). When thirst became priority, I drank with my lips beneath the wet surface and became ill for about a week (or two).

Along with the extremely ill-feeling, diarrhea, lack of energy, were some things moving in my crap💩 and in my stomach.

Seriously, look it up, YOU have a zillion creatures inside of you even without the marshy water 🚰 ! And yet without some of those living creatures, you'd be dead.

Now just imagine if I had that crap💩ilator with me?

I could scoop up that water 🚰 , press the magic button and know that no life will be in the water 🚰 , and that it is safe to drink.

🔬*Any carcases that may have been in that water 🚰 are harmless after the crap💩ilator extrapolates their little lives right out of them!

So you're probably wondering what tests I've done with this crap💩ilator-invention of mine, and I'll tell you.

The truth is I've only tested this once with real crap💩 because basically I ran out of crap💩 (I'm only one small man).

We need this technology NOW, because of the following non-all-inclusive reasons:

  1. We are RAPIDLY running out of safe drinking water 🚰
  2. (stop 🚱 flushing those toilets before your crap💩 kills us all!).

  3. We are told that "parts per million" makes the resultant drinking water 🚰 safe.
  4. But a little chemical reaction every single day will eventually lead to a disaster. My crap💩ilator is safe and OVER-efficient. The crap💩ilator requires no chemicals whatsoever and is environmentally safe!

  5. Our planet is dying (did you know that?).
  6. Did you know that without all the crap💩 of all the species in all the millennial time that earth has hosted life, that a whole lot of crap💩ping has been going on? Our soil is becoming deserts because we are so stingy with our crap💩 that if someone tells us "no" or "don't do this" or "don't do that", that we simply hit a brake-stand. What's that? Save the Planet!

  7. The crap💩ilator uses very little energy.

  8. WE NEED TO EVOLVE because with "climate change" will bring epoch destabilization of the planet.

Rambling Intermission


Our planet is changing, and whether you are reading Revelations 17 & 18 or the newspaper, you are hearing of divers storms and earthquakes occurring around the globe that are "like the birth pangs of a woman giving birth" 🤰(more frequent, more intense). Oh but there's more prophetic joy for our future, as the earth begins to suddenly spin faster, "the days will be shortened", so we might need some creative thinkers to break conventional law (and codes restrictions) to come up with a way to keep earth on earth! 🗺 Our gravity works because of "luck"? If the planet spinned slower, you'd weigh more, spinning faster and you weigh less as the effects of gravity are lessened with a faster spinning planet. A faster spinning planet will spin dust upward into our breathing space. Why am I telling you this?

What we have successfully accomplished is global destabilization. And furthermore, if there's any validity to the Bible, the U.S. appears to be impacted terribly (actually no man, woman or child survives). 🌠 Whether a meteor or one of the nuclear reactors 💥 or missiles that dot our landscape, something hits so hard that the planet is pushed slightly into the radiation belts that surround our lucky planet (read middle-revelations, it's really an interesting writ all current issues considered).

End Rambling Intermission

Signed this poo💩-day of September 2021,

Kenny Hendrick

Crapilator 1
Crapilator 3
Crapilator 2

NOTE: That is not poo💩-fluid seen around the grommet in the center photo, but coffee that was used to moisten the electric wire's shield.

(Somebody's gotta keep up on this crap💩.)

And since we're in the general direction anyway, let's talk Humanure💩

The following are some related reading material I found in my hard drive:

"Let thine own cisterns water 🚰 thee"

There are better videos and documentation online using search term: Humanure💩.

We can't afford to flush anymore, here's your proof: Everything in Red is relevant



Based on Schönning & Stenström, 2004, Urine and feces💩 supplement each other as fertilizers, urine is rich in nitrogen and readily available, while feces💩 is rich in phosphorus, potassium and organics and its nutrients are not that readily available.

"Reuse of urine and feces💩 as fertilizers essentially eliminates the risk that their nutrients pollute the environment and it enables sustainable crop production."












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