Plastics Degradation in a changing environment resulting to Electical Malfunction and Destruction

by Kenny Hendrick

July 3, 2020


Failed Plastic is the premise behind further consideration.

Polymer degradation is the reduction in the physical properties of a polymer, such as strength, caused by changes in its chemical composition.


In general, the effects of heat, light, air and water are the most significant factors in the degradation of plastic polymers.

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The Plastics Scare in real-time

It's what happened to the plastics contained in the disconnect box that alarmed me enough to consider the failability of plastics.

This incident would become the basis for my having pondered the unstable state of plastics (and the whole-hearted faith we have in plastics).

I hope to show that it's very potential that plastics are in a temporary state, and that mere elements introduced into our atmosphere, or a sudden shift in temperature due to Global Destabilization, or any other numbers of variables, could spell disaster.

"Just when you thought it was safe to come outside, along comes the Capitalist plastic monster." -kh

Variable Considerations

Failed Plastic

Before going into the real plausibility of plastics becoming a very real life-and-death problem, let me paint a vision for you as to the destruction that would be caused if plastics, foams, and rubbers were to suddenly become disintegrated (or failed due to deformity, etc.).

Try to imagine if every plastic container was to suddenly leak out its contents.

Try to fathom if every plastic gas can and other plastic container suddenly began spewing it's contents.

That's every car battery suddenly releasing acid, pex and other water lines suddenly disintegrating and no longer delivering water, the toxic soup would be unfathomable considering that in every codes-approved home are plastic-coated wires creating heat and sparks.

The following are in reference to an actual occurrence while in Springfield Ohio working on a high-amp solar array. The incident has spawned the premise to this Page's Claim.


As luck would have it, I remembered to disconnect power at the other end of the thick pole-wire.

The sudden destruction of the unstable plastic environment within the disconnect box, could have resulted in disaster.

Failed Plastic

Plastics have been introduced by the capitalists, received with open arms by the masses, most of whom are referred to as "consumers"

In fact, the public are generally unaware that we are yet another generation to the plastics Test Population.

The public, usually without knowledge, consent, or recompense, is generally seen as replaceable and expendable (* MKUltra and other covert and clandestine acts impacting our citizenry is publicly available on Wikipedia and other sites).

I'm not concerned about the expendable group as that group is not the focus of this note, even though I'm also of the expendable group.

I am relatively certain that I can convince my reader that plastics are about to be the new danger within everybody's homes.

We have plastic switches and it's generally plastics that is all that is in the way of serious melt-down of electrical problems, and more.

Plastic consideration.

Just imagine if plastics were to suddenly become unstable, what would happen in your house and your neighorhood? Now imagine if rubbers were also thrown into the mix of becoming unstable.

The thermostat on your wall would now spark because the electrodes have nothing to hold them in place.

Your car might not spark because the spark plugs are bare and the battery has released all of its contents on the ground.

Computers, keyboards, plastic caps and bottles, plastic medication-holders, plastic I.V. Tubing, and now imagine if it were a global destabilization of all plastics. Imagine the explosion and fire that would ensue from within the codes-approved breakerbox that is located in your basement.

Depending on temperature, plastics can become a form of napalm

I'll draw more vivid examples further down this writ, but for now I'd like to pose another question.

Plastic the premise.

What I want to know is who amongst us knows how to run a power plant?

Which amongst us knows how to turn off a nuclear anything?

Do any of us know somebody that knows somebody that can keep the water treatment plants running?

And, who has a neighbor that knows how to ensure that the missiles don't take off should all of our leading officials die by reason of the new Epidemic that has presently infected the world?

Death by Plastics.

As I write, it is presently July 3, 2020 and just yesterday there were no Deep Freezers to be found at Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Rural King, Ollies, Bargain Hunt. I checked all those places in person.

Several times in my speaking to customer service of the respective shops as to when they might become available, I was told that they can order the freezer online for me and that there is not a restock order for anything right now (due to the CoronaVirus Pandemic).

I'm no longer concerned about the need for a replacement freezer, as much as I'm concerned why the monopoly stores are able to keep their doors wide-open during the epidemic and why I've been told repeatedly that no shipments are scheduled to re-stock the shelves.

Still, damn nice of polity to allow it's stock to unload the inventory in this pandemic time; meanwhile we hear in the "news" that mom-and-pop owners are going to jail for remaining open to make a living to pay off the bankers before the great property default.

Damn nice of them plutocrats to look out for their own interestes.

But I'm not here to regurgitate what we already know, something more pressing has possibly arisen and I'd like to be the retard that sounds the alarm.

This is a perfect example of something being unexpectedly introduced into our atmosphere

This time it's CoronaVirus, next time it's the days becoming shortened because our earth is spinning faster.

The following excerpt is on hold pending a proper location

The Purge

Right now, anyone reading this will have to agree on one thing, we will never experience the extinct species that this planet was at one time home to. Extinction usually implies a species is forever gone to the generations after its extinction. Even the life that was alive on this planet as a species when we were born, many of that life is never to be seen again by mankind. Since there are extinctions that I can barely recollect within my own solitary generation, when seeking to become aware of all the extinctions can be overwhelming to learn.

Since "our" educational curriculum is contrived by capitalists (and oddly enough, not our education department), we can rest assured that the history of the extinctions will barely reach the level of a sound-byte within the classroom. A classroom to prepare the young adult into becoming a productive member of society by getting a job as an astronaut, a president, a policeman, a doctor.

Our Archaeologists, historians, and others in the work of antiquity have unearthed wondrous finds. We all marvel at some of the largest of the historical finds, such as the pyramids, Stonehenge, etc. Many of the created buildings are unable to be duplicated by modern equipment and manpower.

So the knowledge of this unknown technological breakthrough having derived before our time, can only mean one thing, a great purge.

When an entire civilization is wiped out, so is much of the technology of that particular civilization. The rest of the world may not have had the particular technology at the time of being wiped out, hence the world may not see that particular technology forever more.

With each successive surviving generation come altered needs. In the beginning we only needed a cave and a bat; now we need a codes-approved house and a license to carry. Tomorrow it might be a computer in your head or hand (who knows what tomorrow will bring?).

The fact that we cannot explain how the pyramids were built, for example, is probably due to the changes in societal needs of the present generation more-so than a forever-indiscoverable answer. Society isn't holding pyramid-making at the top of their priority list (usually paying the bills, going to court, answering emails, going to work, eating, fishing, smoking pot, etc. would take precedence in our present society, for example).

The Crapilator Scenario:

A sudden cataclysmic disaster hits the globe and all of our plastics suddenly become de-stabilized. Imagine all the plastic-coated electric wires suddenly having no plastic to hold the hot wire from the ground wire (what you have is a LOT of sudden fires and explosions and loss of life at a never-before fathomed scenario).

Many of the new cars and trucks are being made with plastic gas tanks. If the world's plastics were to suddenly turn unexpectedly into a different substance serving not the interests of its original intent, a little gas and a spark can ruin many a day. Now imagine all the rubber gaskets and plasticized seals and caps and cups and dish-ware and door handles and electronics (every electric device on the planet even), suddenly becoming a new useless device.

The Crapilator Scenario Part Two:

So after the dust and smoke subsides and the world's dead bury themselves, come new priorities to the survivors. Some of the survivors are not chemists and are not nuclear physicists and don't know how to purify water to suffice an entire community. The world's population would suddenly be dumbed-down to a level of less than what they were.

Now image decades and generations later, the new population (along with its new set of needs and priorities) dig up some earth in their backyard and find something strange. It's not a dinosaur or a pyramid but something strange and new and something that the particular generation could not duplicate (because it was a man-made product reduced and transformed into a new substance (whether for good or bad), how might they explain to their children why the new archeology finds so many buildings without boarded up windows? And if gas and oil were to no longer be a priority for the surviving generations, what would be their take on all the junk in the ground?

And just when you thought it was safe to stay inside...

Kerosene makes me feel ill.Death = Plastics.Shortly after was found this bottle of lamp oil, that when I picked it up, showed that the bottom fell out of it.

The bottle was completely empty and dry (correlating with the time-frame in which I recall a naseaum). Death Plastics.The plastic container was very brittle, but why?

Would this have been a good investment to stockpile in your survival bomb-shelter?

What of the other plastic items and containers?

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