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Made in China. Why Not by our Community?

The Nation's Intelligence

Hope for a future

Munity, USAHistory Repeats?

Have the established interests evolved from radicalized behavior in 2022 and if so, to what degree?

Side note: April 21, 2022 Upon searching (a Russian YouTube-like server) and searching "u.s. technology" literally brings up garbage results. However, searching the same server for the terms, "Russian technology" returns results as one expected from the search terms. My point is, where Russia's sites may be covertly censoring, America appears to be blatantly propagating (for example, obvious misinformation concerning topics such as how the Ukrainian war is going and how the leadership is sending more "aid" to the losing side). My belief is that although Russia clearly has taken an entire country over in less than two weeks, that American's are still being told through their media that Ukraine has a chance and that of the untold millions and billions that is being donated to Ukraine from our already defunct economy (see for details that substantiate the foregoing statement), might be a money-trick.


Made in America and Proud of it.Save the Nation

There's a higher probability of a tomorrow here.

Letter to the Polity

Letter to the Polity, USARead More

Touching on National Security

The Business of Government is Business?

Take a good, hard look at the figures.

Russia Debt Russia = $1+ Trillion Dollars Gain

USA Debt America = $30 Trillion Dollars Loss

This information shouldn't be disconcerting to us? hmmmm....

I wonder if Russia can afford our military (against us), seeing as how we're broke?

So why is capitalized media propagating how indebted Russia is, when we are the Nation that is out-of-pocket?

Russia shows profits, we do not (not even close).

Yet "we" have money to give to Ukraine, when they do this to their Prisoners of War?

*Apparently Ukrainians get paid more for K.I.A. (killed in action) than they do for P.O.W.'s (prisoners of war)

Maybe it's high-tide we altered our global approach pro-self preservation (as opposed to self-advancement)?

Have something to say?

Whether it's instructions on how to build something, disassemble something, prepare something, or just a passing thought that simply sounds good, don't wait till you're 6 feet in the grave, our Nation needs your ideas!

Write it up, doll it up, and send it.


Communications is a step toward creative thinking, problem-solving, and economic and social recovery.

The question that has crossed my beleaguered mind on this 16 day of July 2022 arose from an observation of the intermediary compost station I have utilized for years now. The Intermediary compost station is merely a couple of buckets where all the kitchen scraps and stuff I cannot legally mention (not that it matters at this point, the powers that be have performed a great work in taking me off of all the search engine results, except for the Russian Yandex search engine, you will not find this site or me unless it's from a rogue youtube or google or twitter controlled neo-corpo-politico site. I've noticed that although these "social sites" have banned and suspended me, that a couple of the enterprisers have instead placed a place-holder account which I have long-since deleted and remained deleted for years until recently. PEOPLE, BEWARE! ONCE YOU REVEAL ANYTHING TO THE ENTERPRISING CAPITALIST SITES, DO NOT PRESUME THAT YOUR DELETION OF ANYTHING YOU WROTE OR UPLOADED IS DELETED. IT APPEARS THAT THE CONTROLLERS HAVE TRICKED US TO BELIEVE IN THEM POSSESSING THE MORALITY THAT WE WOULD PRESUME.). Anyway, In the morning I make 4-6 drinks made from honey, water, and whatever is retrieved from the freezer. The contents that are retrieved from the freezer are all home-grown berries (mulberries and raspberries are hugely in harvest at this moment) and vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, asparagus, whatever). After the drinks are made, I plop the juice-filled jars down into the freezer pending a need for later refreshment of the liquid-kind. So now that I told you the preamble of the premise behind the question that is beleaguering my mind today, I will describe the incident witnessed. Sometimes it takes weeks before the buckets are filled, but when they are finally filled they are deposited in the final-stage composting station located about 60 or more feet from the house. SO, what I noticed is that the intermediary composting buckets would develop life-forms such as white wiggling worms and very tiny flies of some sort. I also noticed that each time I would deposit scraps into the bucket that it was apparent that the living organisms appeared to be dying to get out of the bucket at their first chance of escape. This is where it gets thought-provoking. We are humans, right? We think, we deduce, we rationalize and reason and there's a bit more to our complex system than say a tiny fly-like creature, right? Great, we're on the same page, now I'll pose the question to you. While you (as a fly or worm) are sitting in the bucket griping and dying to be released, are you free to be free? Is this a good thing? Most would say, freedom is exceptionally liberating, right? Being imprisoned is a bad thing, right? Having no choices is bad, right? Ahhhh....but what the larvae and fly-like creatures don't know, will be their death. See, if they last even one day without landing in one of the dozens of spider webs around here, because this is a garage after all, it would be only a matter of time before they find my chicken (she has a leg that is out of joint or broken so that's why she sleeps less than 2 feet from my head now). And if my chicken doesn't get them, then one of the dozens of other foes to life will. It's just a matter of a short time when any escapees will be either devoured or die naturally (such as flying over my wood-burner or getting mangled by one of the fans around here). SO YOU, as a thinking human, with knowledge of consequences, are now a fly that wants freedom...even though the food source and security of the closed container with its controlled moderate temperatures is the exact place that you are calling your prison. See how this can get confusing? If I loved any of those flies would I be ardently adamant to demand that the citizen fly remain where I have allowed it to be? Freedom = Certain Death? Imprisonment = Security and Food but nothing more? Tough choice, huh?

(oh nevermind, I swatted you with a towel and you died)

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Our Nation's Track Record

The U.S. Government is action.Read More

When did our Government ever lose the ability to keep us all safe from invasion? Enough Said.

Welcome to The Shock Doctrine

Part One

The Shock Doctrine Part One

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The Shock Doctrine Part Two

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