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Lithium Ion Future

Oh look! A perfect place for a plug.

If anybody needs lithium-ion batteries, I have them available!


November 2018 Lithium Update

The 2018 Lithium update is written to those smarter than me. The topic will spout some possibly incorrect information, may contain grammatical errors, and the ilk. But please do consider the concerns expressed herein.


Since there are a plethora of used laptop batteries located here, I oftentimes wonder what I might do with all of this space-consuming junk.

Recently I found that at least one adult visitor to our off-grid building are making "POWER WALLS".

The power walls instantly made my junky batteries valuable.

Lithium Ion "Power walls" are typically comprised of 18650 battery cells.

Laptop batteries will contain several of these individual batteries.

Oftentimes, when a laptop battery is dead, it is the result of a solitary cell which has failed.

In other words, if you take a hammer to the defective laptop battery you will find it is comprised of AA-like batteries.

The capitalists design the laptop batteries to be non-serviceable.

This negligence which could arguably be a case for profiteering laws, forces the victimized consumers to purchase replacement laptop batteries.

This being rather than allowing a means for the freedom to safely open the battery compartment and swap out a solitary dead cell (for a fraction of the cost of a new battery)...As one might do with a common multi-battery flashlight.

Think of all the crappy plastic cases that we wouldn't have to produce. Think of all the plastic which never bio-degrades and become real permanent trash which threatens the existence of the next generation.

If earnest thought had been allocated toward making a means to simply unscrewing the case and replacing the bad solitary battery, the end of the world might be delayed.

However, the young and adults alike, have been posting videos showing these impressive power walls.

The claims of Lithium Ion power-walls are incredible.

I've even heard that the Li-Ion Battery banks (power walls) will outlast the well-known deep cycle battery banks by 10 times!

While on the topic of batteries, this appears a great spot to plug in the conventional wet-cell batteries progress.

The battery bank shown has been reduced from a 48v battery bank to a 12v battery bank due to a solitary bad cell within the 48v array, that has obviously been removed reducing the band down to 6 from 8 batteries.

Arrange batteries to suit your needs and connect the series connections between the batteries. In this case, seen here are 6v batteries requiring one cable connection between every two batteries (i.e. 6v + 6v = 12v).

Lithium Ion Future

Following the series connections, make the parallel connections (red cables).

Lithium Ion Future

Then simply connect your loads and charging source and you are done.

Try that one with Lithium Ion batteries!

Lithium Ion Future

The last of the "duracell💩" batteries that are seen in this video are gone already.

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