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The reality is, If you're off-grid and don't have fuses, Don't Panic.

Prior to Ohio's stringent social control via enforcer a'la codes (aka revenue-generator), I had never utilized fuses or breakers of any sort.

Direct current is stable just as the battery in a flashlight is stable (without a fuse or breaker).

12v is safer than the codes-approved violent ac electricty.

When was the last time you ever heard of tragedies caused by a 9v battery or a 12v battery?

That's right, never.

However, it is not advisable to hold your tongue up to a 12v battery as you might with a 9v battery.

The volts are safe, the amps can potentially kill you (depending on what type of 12v battery you are experimenting with).

Volt Meter

110v and 220v in contrast have killed people around the globe every year, whether it be due to electrical shock, fires, power outages *(medications that need to remain frigid), etc.

I'm not saying something can't happen without fuses, it just hasn't ever for me (and I'm old).

12v battery power is stable.

Deep-cycle Batteries are stable, and only unless it were purposeful, the energy from batteries never spike.

Not a soul alive can possibly state that about the nation's forced 110v ac electricity.

We have ALL been victims of the power spikes and outages derived from the AC Grid.

12v generally Does not create fires.

However, we A L L have witnessed the fires from the forced 110v ac electrical grid. If you haven't, check out youtube with the search-terms "ac electrical fire".

A free country ought to practice what it preaches and become the model nation for the rest of the world to emulate. Give us a free choice, for starters.

Scams, Rackets, and other nefarious capitalizing.

Enron-type profiteering/racketeering scandals never happen when you own your own power plant (battery bank).

You aren't likely to over-bill yourself next aren't going to swindle yourself the year after that....You aren't going to "pull" building #7 at the world trade center embarrassments to destroy the evidence against yourself the year after that. Good for you.

Fuses are unnecessary in battery power (unless you are in a moving vehicle). You DO need fuses in an automobile due to the function of an automobile battery, its manner of recharging, and other variables that affect stability.

The point is, 12v is virtually harmless. Nobody has ever died touching both opposite terminals of a 12v battery at the same time (just as its harmless to do so with a 9v battery).

However 220v and 110v monopoly-approved electricity probably will send you off to the hospital if you touched both terminals at their power plant, or you could die, or at very least touching both terminals of that dangerous AC electricity will have you re-think whether or not you ever want to do that again. Touch both poles of 110v or 220v at the source, and it could very well be a wraps for the rest of the day for you.

In contrast, I've yet to see a codes inspector worry about the existence of a breaker box in the house that runs the dangerous 110v and 220v electricity. He has NEVER been concerned to inspect ("investigate") since the first profit was "made" in the form of a building fee when the house was built in 1940. Why do you suppose that is? When once we had elected officials, has become selected CEO's/Public Relations buffer entities instigated by the upper echelon, the "power-elite" (ie. haliburton/cheney; harkin energy/bush, trickle down etc.), and have become nothing less than revenue-generators for the few that control our very existence.

It is my reality that the codes department is hindering discoveries.

The truth of the matter is, I have ALWAYS simply connected devices directly to a 12v battery just as you would always Not put a fuse between your flashlight's battery and the bulb! What's the difference? Nada. My lights are battery operated just as your flashlight is battery operated.

The Codes Department apparently assumes that all electricity acts the same. It does not.

Stable battery power is safe, rechargeable, and not needing all the ridiculous superfluous capitalizing components that go into AC devices and electricity.

To clarify, when "batteries" are referenced herein, we are not discussing automotive batteries with their paltry plates and violently high ca and cca (cranking amps and cold-cranking amps).

In contrast, when you have erratic electricity,such as in the manner of codes-approved 110v and 220v outrageously dangerous electricity that runs throughout your home, it's then that you need breakers (fuses).

However breakers and fuses don't seem to always work, do they? In your lifetime you will lose a computer, television, or other appliances due to AC electrical issues and faults.

In an off-grid battery-powered environment, it takes a hammer to terminate the electronics. Whereas, in an on-grid scenario, our electronics work one day, and doesn't the next, ensuring that our precious materialistic crack surely will not last into the next generation's hope of an inheritance.

Another example of how the Codes Department, another revenue-generated scheme, hurts us all, hindering new technology and other areas of purveyance, is by instilling fear of codes "violations".

As a recent example.

I was in need of a business to install the replacement tire on a Kubota tractor. I carried the tire and rim down to the business that had performed the procedure a year prior. For those of you that reside in Springfield Ohio, we all know the dilemma our Springfield Mall is up against. It stands as a sad testament of failed planning and no REAL backup plan to counter such variables such as social and economic changes and their effect on the longevity of the monstrosity of a building.

However it just so happens that the Sears Auto Center changed the same tire only a year ago, and that is where I again brought the new tire for a replacement that was necessary on the opposite side of the tractor.

The old man that helped me last year was not there. This time I was greeted by a young man that stated his company (sears) are only allowed to change automotive tires due to the new Codes "restrictions".

Indeed the parking lot was a ghost town when I arrived with the tire and rim, yet I was being turned down for a repair because of the neo-corpo-political dictates.

I pressed the sears employee a bit further and asked why a company would choose to turn down some business which is better than no business? Codes dictates prevent the company from doing so was the answer.

Do the myriad of Profiteering Rules promote business? It's arguable to say that they hurt American businesses (unless we're speaking of monopoly business). If our Nation's debt-clock is any indicator:

Then I'd say we're heading in the wrong direction rapidly.

The States also jump on the racketeering bandwagon and add their rules and dictates (and fees and fines and licenses, etc.), and are to the State's profit only, without any real accountability back to the public. Equally, our Cities delegate to also take more fees, fines, licenses, etc. to profit from. Next come "our" townships and our community covenants which further take from the production basket.

The citizenry are either already broke, or are tethered to a job which no longer presents any semblance of security. Either way though, most cannot afford to refute the new laws and impositions being produced by the upper-class law makers. This taking, they do for themselves...but it comes with a scar and an end to our Nation's abilities and capabilities.

This mentality has left our nation in ruins within the International community that no longer want to vacation here and no longer trust "us". I could possibly pose argument against the staunchest of programmed Federal and State employees (if permitted), and prove the derivation of our nation's woes.

The morale of our Nation's citizenry is incredibly (and rightfully) low.

"Our" media, now monopoly-owned, leaves none of us the legal ability to tell the truth of matters, or pose new ideas, or publish new discoveries, etc.

The filter of licensing are reserved for the myopic corpo-centric few (that still remain at the monopoly board).

Capitalism without Democracy is Corporate Fascism

Should we help the Plutocracy in their time of need?

WE CANNOT even if we want to!

They made so many outrageous schemes for revenue that the volumes of legal ramifications would make our efforts of no avail.

In a word, Downtrodden are the American citizenry leading into 2020 (so far)

If God were to come down and walk around healing the sick, he'd be arrested for lack of a license fee to the few. This present form of justus would invariably have him GUILTY of trespass, Guilty of healing without a license, guilty of vagrancy, guilty of disorderly conduct, guilty of disrupting the normal routine of the present compartmentalized business scheme, guilty of inciting, guilty of insurrection, and god-forbid if he didn't follow the dress code or speak in an "acceptable" language (nomenclature) devised only for and by the lawmakers within their courts to defend himself!

So, do I profess that fuses are paramount to your survival in quickly getting an off-grid system up and operational?

Nope, Sorry.

I'm not going to lie, you're probably just throwing your money to others needlessly, when in fact that money could be better devoted toward your next solar panel or battery.

If you're going to outlaw my 12v battery being used in a stable off-grid manner, then shouldn't one first be concerned in outlawing the automobile that has killed millions? The automobile battery is in an unstable environment, when placed in a moving vehicle (and we all know that the plutocrats are not about to give up driving this week so we won't be expecting that law to pop out of the woodwork, not against themselves anyway).

Phew, glad I got that off my chest.

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