2803 Troy Road, Springfield Ohio

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The following are as-good-as-cash in Springfield (or offer a free place to dump)!



Microscope (larger, with features is good)

PTZ Cameras

Surveillance Cams

Flour Mill

Food Dehydrator (excalibur)

Television Rotator Motors and Transmitters

3-point hitch tiller

Automotive and non-automotive Fuse boxes, Breaker boxes, Quick disconnects, Fused disconnects

Welding wire (common metals wire-fed type)


Steel Shelving (with or without wheels)

8" or greater diameter Steel Pipe (at least 10foot lengths)



Desktop and Laptop Computers (working or not)

Mortar Mix

Vacuum Food Sealer and Sealer Bags

Items of innovation (like a Roomba!!)

Large Utility Sink

Pressure Canner (with the external guage type)

Solar Panels

Deep Cycle Batteries

3-point Hitch Accessories

Concrete and/or Steel Saw

Possibly interested in other items not listed

Springfield Photo in Ohio

Springfield Ohio, Located on Route 41

Available Daily 11am - 6pm

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