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Eat Me Corn

Why not fresh food?

Yet another harvest is almost over for edibles in the garden, the freezer is packed full for the winter consumption.

2019's Experiment with Tarp Gardening has thus far shown to be the best alternative for easier planting, control of weeds and vegetation in general (along with breeze-easy harvesting).

*Note: As of 2021, A tree's wood chips is the winner now. Chips keep down weeds, promote good bacteria and worms without damaging the eco-structure. The expense and labor to install other forms of ground cover also require much more maintenance (including disposing of the non-biodegradable junk...i.e. tarping). But this page is left for dead in the name of historical-sake.

Eat Me Springfield Ohio Gardening

It is uncertain of the effects of depriving the soil in this somewhat-selfish lazy-man's manner of Gadening.

The tentative plan is to move the garden in 2020 to allow inspection and observe any problematic side-effects using tarp gardening such as reduction of worms, deprivation of decaying matter, etc.

Frogs and Toads love this method!!!

They seem to thrive under the ground-cover from the predator birds

When the Springfield Seasonal Rain stopped (around July), I pulled up the tarps to find tons of brightly-colored Frogs hopping everywhere, then a baby snake was seen, then a mamma-snake was seen...

(that's as far as I got before leaving the scene).

Ohio's Tarp Gardening in Springfield

In Springfield, Tomatoes apparently can be added to the list of stuff that doesn't require planting to grow here.

Tomato Plant

Each year tomatoes pop up in areas that we hadn't even planted!

Fact is, I don't know why the tomatoes keep regenerating themselves.

Up sprouted dozens and dozens of tomato plants.

Tomato Plants were found in places like the front lawn, on the side of the house, on the side of the garage, behind a solar panel array, and of course in reference to the compost, tomatoes were found in the Garden also.

So, apparently Ohio is the Tomato State

(and I can stop buying Tomato Plants)

Good soil in Springfield!

Springfield Ohio salad Gardening

Chickens make a baby almost every single day of the year.

Okay, enough about Chickens already

Those chikins have their own web-page elsewhere within this site.

New test

Plastics and Earth

Later this 2019 year, a soil test will be performed to find out how the soil reacted to the plastic tarps in the new gardening method.

It is not known what the overall effects will be using the aforementioned method, so only part of the garden will be done in this fashion and the remainder of the garden will be permitted unchecked growth of other plants along side the vegetables that are not incorporated into the plastic sheeting.

2020 update! We replaced plastics with landscapers fabric!

2021 update! We replaced landscapers fabric with wood chips!

Amazing Item is harvested!

Just one year of Fennel harvested in 2018 yeilded so much of the spice that it is expected to last for a couple of years before another planting is necessary.

The individual Fennel branches are harvested as they turn a brownish-tan.


Remove Fennel Seeds from the stalks

Re-purpose discarded remaining plant by composting or kindling. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Ohio Fennel

Making better vegetables

Springfield Ohio Compost Gardening

Harvest Fennel Seed

Where do the Kitchen and Processing scraps go?

Composting Station in Springfield

Years ago, this was the composting station.

Composting Springfield

Putting one of these composters together is a breeze. First find a location and make it level.

Composting Homestead

Next find some derelict wooden pallets (they're everywhere).

Mom found some

Mom's Truck


Composting Station Homestead

Stand the junky pallets on-end.

Compostin Homestead


Add your biological sponge. In this case it is grass clippings and leaves.



Add compost and cover with more biological sponge-material.

Compost Station in Sprinfield

Adding on is easy, just find more crappy pallets.

Compost Sprinfield

In less than a year, this will become nutrified-dirt and will reduce to an incredibly small area (like 1/10th original size).

Cantalope Harvest in Springfield

The mellon preserves process

The seeds are cleaned and saved for the following year's planting; whereas the skins are composted into nutrient-rich soil

Raspberry and Strawberry Dish with a hint of Basil


2020 First Fruits

Cantalope Harvest

2020 First Fruits in springfield

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