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The neighbor to the North of me, the one that voluntarily mows a great portion of our lawn free of charge every other day (!!) hopped off his tractor one day to approach me as I was mulling over what was affecting my fruit trees.

After informing me that urine might not solve my fruit-tree problems, he took me and my annually visiting mom over to a spread of the property to point out something I hadn't ever noticed before.

The neighbor pointed out some red things growing in the field and stated they were wild strawberries.

Springfield Ohio Gardening

Springfield Ohio Gardening

After waiting for him to pop one into his mouth and seeing that they were probably safe, I and my mom also tasted the berries.

He called them wild strawberries.

I hadn't ever really noticed these types of berries, and they certainly did not look like any strawberries that we have growing in the garden. For that reason, I tasted more of them.

The wild strawberries were everywhere but were tiny and relatively tasteless.

So, apparently Ohio is the wild Strawberry State, too.

Springfield Ohio does have an incredible diverse eco-culture so this new potential sustenance was more cherries on the icing of this new domiciled location for us.

Although the wild strawberries may not have the wonderful taste of the type of strawberries brought to us in the garden, I will be going out to harvest these stunted berries in the hopes of making some jam and maybe try them as coloring-agents in smoothies.

Springfield Ohio Gardening

Springfield Ohio Gardening

They're everywhere!

Springfield Ohio Gardening

The things are in abundance where the lawn doesn't get mowed.

Springfield Ohio Gardening

Springfield Ohio Gardening

Springfield Ohio Gardening

Wooo wooo, more reasons for Civil Disobedience to the grass-cutting laws.

Since the berries are rather bland, and since I haven't a clue as to their nutitritional value, it's possible that the wild strawberries might just be the colorful thing to perk up the garden salads.

Take a Gander at the front label

The front label states:

A complete liquid Fruit-Tree Spray containing Captan 12%, Malathion 6%, Carbaryl .3%.

I noticed a problem with a bit of mildew and mold on the fruit trees.

Naturally I was concerned about the ailing appearance of my fruit trees and sought for a remedy.

Having heard others tell me about Sevin Dust and having been referred by the Sales Agent down at the Tractor Supply Store, I decided to give it a shot and purchased some of the recommended solution.

Springfield Ohio Poisons from the Gardening Capitalists

Also stated when inspecting the front of the jug are the words:

Simple to use. No plugged nozzles. As little as 1 1/2 tablespoons per application. Excellent for the home orchardist. (so I went ahead and bought a jug).

If you have time, trot on down to your local farm and feed store and pick up a bottle, now look on the back of the jug

There's nothing visible aside from the measuring chart, correct?

Yup, that's all we are able to see prior to the purchase, also.

Scratch that scrack of paper and you'll find it leads to other small papers.

Whereas there was Nothing of the dire consequences prior to scratching off the tiny booklet, and most people probably aren't even going to notice the sideways small writing to the right of the quantities label that is located on the back of the jug that says something like, "pull here to expose the multi-page warnings" (*and all the ways you are going to die).

After pulling off the somewhat stubborn label to get to the hidden little warnings booklet, skip the first 3 or 4 pages of watered-down warnings to the last page where the real hit is > READ IT SLOWLY!

If you don't know how to read find somebody that can, and know what the meaning to words are, such as "...deadly to all invertebrates, Bees, pets...", also notice the warning to not allow the product to get into the water supply, toilet/sewers, etc.

Give some thought to the section that says, "Don't breath..." and the rest of the sentence that states, "if the person is still breathing move the human to fresh air and contact a physician immediately">

You'll want to consider this next magic trick with some forethought: that says, "if you get this poison on you, wash for 15-20 minutes immediately and contact a physician"...Okay that's a spray and if you get any on you, it will require approximately 15 minutes and an available physician; but oh it gets better....for instance, bother to wonder while you're washing where all that water is going (*down the very drain the previous warnings tell you not to allow the poison to go. So now it's our fault).

Do you have a septic tank?

Maybe you'll want to expect to pay to pump the septic tank out after your having washed down all those poisons. When in fact the septic tank has all that is required to break-down your fecal matter, now you've murdered the miserable living microbes and there'll be no deferring a septic tank service.

And while you are showering and cussing over the deceptive marketing practices of the poison-capitalists, consider why the water on your skin feels oddly tacky, almost like a petroleum-base.

If you get cancer there next year, do you really believe the hype that industry or government will compensate you by those that ought to be really really liable for the crack they're doling out to us?

I mean imagine this scenario: I or you bottle up some of our industry slag (that just happens to kill all living life), and all we have to do is to get the rich and powerful to try it out (legally, like they do to us)

Of course it's a completely different picture in our heads now, isn't it?

Suddenly the act turns evil when it's being perpetrated by the other end of the class-scale

Why do you suppose that might be?

Read those last two pages of the information that probably ought to be labeled all the way around the jug, but also bother to read the other primary pages, too.

So, What alternatives to poisons are there then?

I'd like to offer an option that I learned online, urine

As it turns out, there's a ton of phosphorous and nitrates in that urine.

I'm not saying the next gold-rush will be to take our urine from us (*keeping us all drained), however I can tell you about a nurse that actually proscribed that I pee on a foot once (no kidding).

Urine is said to work

Urine is free.

If you run out of urine, I'm sure anybody will be more than happy to donate some to the good cause, if asked.

Now I'm not a very religious man but it cannot be ignored that the bible says:

"let thine own cisterns water thee",

and somewhere along the way it was followed up with the command to,

"be ye separate"

(it probably smelled worse way back then).

I shudder to think if I knew about this stuff being so readily-available when I was young and dumb-er.

If you are of the age of reason, it's up to you to find out the rest of the dangers of this Bonide and Sevin Dust poison that is so liberally allowed to be sold irregardless of age and it's up to us to seek other better alternatives and to bother to warn the younger generations so they aren't bedazzled by the beautiful fruit that is depicted on the front of the jug.

In all though, the Rural King girl was pleasant and I obtained my money back from the deceptive product's packaging, so I've done my part by warning the rest of anyone that might read this web page.

The pleasant girl behind the desk even bothered to comply with my request that she read the last page of the hidden ingredients and warnings in my presence before she was permitted to see my receipt.

Suffice to say your neighbors, your family, and your life is worth more than $30.00 dollars and a shiny piece of fruit or vegetable. The Rural King Representative was too young and I sensed the dangers she was reading were simply rolling right over her myopic centric world. Needless to say though, Rural King was as pleasant as can be at refunding my $30+ dollars.

We as good people would never sell a poison to our immediate neighbors or friends, having the dangers so well hidden is not good business in my opinion.

As for me, if a worm or bug will not eat it, why would I? *or something like that

You have five minutes to live, then God will judge you, choose not to be a bloody apathetic idiot by becoming the folly of the capitalist mafia.

So if you happen to visit your local Rural King, Pick up this bottle while shopping (wear gloves if you have them, shoo the young adults and animals away if you have those).

"I don't know" = Ignorance

"I don't care" = Apathy

=Two attributes you should not die with.

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