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Photo Gallery 1.2a

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Troy Road Homestead

Scrap Book 1.2a

Difference in size between PWM and MPPT Tristars

Morningstar Tristars

Shows the size-difference between the MPPT and PWM model Tristars.

Hot in Springfield

23 Degrees outside

Toasty-warm inside; December 2020

Wind Generator

48v Wind Generator

The Wind Generator is a 10-blade silent runner (even if standing directly below the unit).

There were no strange droughts or floods in our area and yet the grass and berries of all sorts stunted.

2020 Berries

The Strawberries were stunted this year. It was the same for the raspberries, blackberries, and elderberries. Berries were short-lived and not as developed in 2020.

Has anyone else noticed how infrequently we had to mow our lawns this year?


*As a side-note: Interestingly it's noticed that the new media blitz is to propagate how good berries are for your heart and well-being in general.

With the berries having taken such a hit, I'm wondering if the capitalists have devised yet another way to incite profit.

Just a thought. We had the same sun, same clouds, same expected weather temperatures, so what changed?

I've tried a lot of brands of Controllers in my life, and even an embarrassing number of the no-name brand charge controllers (hello ebay).

None have compared to the Morningstar Controllers.

Morningstar Controller

Solar Controller

Reasons? Top on my brain right at this given moment is the fact that the Morningstar Tristars are fanless (silent), and they have never let me down in well-over a decade.

Enough Said

The batteries shown are 235-amp hour (ah) capacity. By 2021 the Duracell Batteries were replaced with 435ah Trojans.

It takes 8 over-priced deep-cycle batteries to make a 48v battery bank using 6v batteries


48v Battery Bank

There are two 48v battery banks (16 individual batteries) in this building, and at one-time they used to be connected in parallel to double the available capacity.

AC to DC

Reverse Engineering

Solar Inverter

3kw-6kw Power Inverter

Around here, direct 12v lights, appliances, and electronics are King.

Nowadays the 3kw-6kw is left in the "off" position, only turning on once per day (usually) to make the frozen garden vegetable drinks and on rare occasions. About 5 years ago, this inverter provided the bulk of the electrical necessities around here.

Inverter wired

This is the working face of the 12v to 110v Inverter

Notice the 3-wire posts allowing for this unit to create its own grid (using existing house-wiring to distribute the electricity throughout).

Trojan Battery Bank

Trojan 1,080 ah (amp-hour) capacity

It is my opinion that these are the best wet-cell batteries I've come across.

Trojan Battery

Trojans out-perform the rest

Potentiometer sketch

Sketch pertains to Potentiometer connections.

Harvest of the Year 2018

Garden-Fresh This

Seasons change

Garden-Fresh That

Apple Tree

The flowering "Vickie" Tree

Since the Vickie-tree came here, there have been apple and other fruit trees planted.

I've listed the actuators for about two years of censored Internet and since they aren't selling (maybe for lack of exposure), it was decided to use them myself!

Preparing for when I get old(er).

Automated Actuator


The newly added Actuators will turn the panel arrays toward the seasonal sun without much effort on my geriatric self.

There's been a time or two in which a solar array caught me off guard.

Balancing 78v


The most recent encounter was when I was stripping a wire to make a positive connection to a 48v array (nominal, without a load it's almost grid 110v), and found out the hard way not to be touching the upright grounded (-) poles that held up the arrays!

Real shocker.

200w @ 24v

48volt Solar Array

Two 200w x 24v panels in series to 48v


Before adding the support arm

Seen in the Solar Kit area of this website.

Adjustable reinforcing arm

Support Arm Add-on

Two 200watt Solar Panels connected in series to create a 48v Array, shown with Support Arm.

Kenny Hendrick working on power wall

Kenny Hendrick while working on two power-wall creations; November/December 2020

The main power-wall showing 5 mppt tristars.

Springfield's Main Power Wall

Command Module

This command panel could be yours! Stop by and let's discuss your next solar or wind project. 2803 Troy Road in Springfield Ohio.

Acid Neutralizer


Yes, I took a photo of a box of baking soda.

Neutralize it

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