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This particular page of the solar off-grid series is probably going to spout quite-a-bit of controversial content.

If for no other better reason, because it's Holloween!

Grommets installed

See those yellow things up there?

Those are called Grommets.

See the wiped red spots?

That would be my blood.

This mandatory stuff is for my safety?!

Springfield Ohio's Off-Grid Holloween Lifestyle Page

Tentative Title:

Being good neighbors,

is not defined as doing bad to Eachother

Addendum: Even if it's your "job" to do bad to others, is bad.

If anybody has spent any time in the non-solar areas of my website,

especially the political and judicial sections,

you already know what to expect. Regardless here it comes in rare form.

Literary Correction: Yandex tells me Holloween is tomorrow.

Sorry, I lost count.


But if you are deciding to go off-grid, or even partially supplement your lifestyle with free electricity generated by your own power plant consisting of batteries and solar, or wind, or hydro, then this page might be of some interest for your mind to ponder.

Off-Grid Cooking

Some time ago, a Codes "enforcer" called me to inquire about the safety of solar, and more pointedly, how I can turn it off (*in the event of an emergency).

(*added Thought-words: the emergency he maybe was conjuring to create.)

Now I'm pretty-much a shoe-in for the antics and tactics of the hyper-polito-capitalizers, so I answered his question with a question,

"Well, how do you do it with AC electricity?"

*(added wish-words: "with your dangerous violent codes-approved AC electricty?")

The Codes enforcer was silent for a spell, and answered,

"A breaker switch"

I answered, "Same Way"

This led to his next question,

"But where does the solar electricity go once you disconnect the solar panels?"

(*hover your mouse over the picture to the right)

It's possible that I may have hung up on him at that point...(I've got nothing in memory of any further conversation.) But in my defense, Maybe for wasting my time to expect answers to his questions, knowing he offered nothing good in return...maybe.

Sometimes I find myself uncannily and instinctively remembering scripture, plagiarized by the copyrighted Bible.

"...they are like clouds that give no rain..." (sic, in return) ;-).

See, it happened again.

It was maybe at that point that I felt that the Codes Enforcer here was simply creating his ploy of some hopeful attack against my chosen lifestyle.

The fact is, I knew the answer to his question. I was more appalled that he either genuinely did not know (and felt he should), or that he was predatorially planning pacification to his last ethical reasoning and better judgment in his true quest of cohabitating without being a nuisance to another human-being for personal monetary gain, via the crutch of faith in a job (to do bad things to others).

Or maybe it was something else.

Fat Broken-leg Suzie rescued

Garden in 45504

But If you are choosing to enjoy your God-given life in some other non-conventional manner, which may or may-not-be non-profitable to the present form of neo-political-capitalists, then you might want to keep reading this in the hopes of better practical ideas and options when "...they lurk privily..." at your house.

So, If the Codes-Capitalists approach you with dogma of how you must do this and must do that, think before reacting (hopefully not resulting as one defending their property or persons. We've all witnessed that outcome, right?).

If they tell you that your off-grid application must have breakers and special devices that not even the AC electrical conventions employ, think some more.

So if those capitalists should forcefully enter your edifice (that was at one-time protected by a working Constitution), and if they should attack your simpler energy source spouting dictates of how you must get this and get that and purchase this and blah blah blah, (ending with a "do it or get-out" letter), Simply move to a less dictatorial environment!

LOL just kidding...sort of.

Solar on Lawn

Stop and think for a minute. You have a battery (so does a car, a truck, a bus, a plane, spacecraft, and your flashlight, etc.), you have a charging source (solar, alternator, hydro, AC, etc.), .....Okay, ready for it?

What is a car!?

A car has a battery, a car has a light, a car has an alternator instead of a solar panel (solar panel is safer but you won't find the codes enforcers pulling over cars to make them remove their charging system, but that's another story altogether).

No, actually here's the answer worth arguing down in their courts:

Go to your local junkyard and pick up a $20.00 automotive DC fuse box!

End of Story.

Now if they draw you into court for not having followed their dictates, rather than allow them to kill all invention or hope for a livable future, file some paperwork that might have them want to re-think their attack. In other words, Are They willing to give up their automobiles and flashlights?

In all actuality, the snowball effect could conceivably include other appliances and devices also. If they are going to bother you by spinning a web of profiteering tactics, then make sure they too are wrapped up in the web by contrasting the other devices they might need to address first, such as flashlights.

Flashlights are but one device that does not have a breaker or fuse between the bulb and battery.

(and man-oh-man those cars are killing millions every year).

In fact, technically speaking, solar lights being sold by the monopoly stores (and very successfully so), would be akin to aiding and abetting and needing to make reparations for not incorporating protections in their junk.

Why is it only our junk that gets such acute attention? (I call it the public-Relations Funnel).

Can you just imagine all the rich-folk having to pull that lawn-art up or succumb to fines due to not possessing fuses or breakers between the bulb in those solar lights?

Now that would be priceless to see. Hmmm...so all we have to hammer-home to the upper-echelon is the dangers those and other devices possess and how it would be a great revenue-generator pro-future capital via fines to the insubordinates....hmmm. Priceless.


Well I should probably get back to work at keeping the next generation safe from the solar-monster.

The very act of not receiving a bill in the mail might cause confusion to the next indoctrinated cash-cow generation.

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