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Extreme off-gridder, First Submission

Mickey Affrunti is a Missouri inhabitant that makes ends meet by catching her own food, composting, obtaining her own water, and raising her own chickens.

Previously, I lived in a $200k+ house and had a completely different lifestyle

Mickey at Florida's Springfield Computer Repair
Back then, I had only one dog, Momo. Momo escorted me to the computer repair shop.


Now nothing is close to me, and Momo died long ago.

Off-grid Living is not easy.

The transition to such a small space is a challenge.

Being a woman and alone, living in a remote area of Missouri, fear is something I've had to overcome.

Larger dogs were needed.

The dogs surprise me with rabbits, snakes, and other edibles.

Mickey Chikin

Chick for Mickey Affrunti

In 2019 I obtained a heater.

The previous years there was nothing to heat the shed.

Many layers of clothing are required in the winter-time.

The small RV Propane Wall heater in the un-insulated shed must be used sparingly since the propane is far away and I haven't a vehicle to get the fuel.

Also in 2019, came electricity! And although cooking with AC electric is very expensive and cost-prohibitive, somehow I manage.

Wild birds, snakes, and other wildlife are a threat to the chickens.

Predator protection is essential

The loss of chickens means less food.

Learning to properly (safely) compost is important and necessary.

There is not any sewer or septic yet.

Mickey She-Shack

Dog Upstairs

Mickey Affrunti's Dogs

Chickens and Mickey Affrunti

Mickey Affrunti's Water


Cooking with homemade yeast

Storing water poses new challenges.

In the Summer there are the insects and birds which can contaminate the water.

In the winter there is ice to contend with.


Eat MeYou can use popped popcorn like flour, if you grind it down to a powder first.

Mickey Affrunti's ice WaterWater from the rain barrel.

CookinMaking Jerky

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