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What prompted my need to eliminate monopolies and free myself from being stressed out at the mailbox for electricity, water, sewer, and gas monopoly bills was a disturbance caused by a quasi-governmental agency referred to as "FGUA".

The disturbance was enough to result in my seeking alternative relief pro-the "be ye separate" mindset....from aiding and abetting with the utility companies altogether.

FGUA had come to our Florida town and took over several water plants. When they did, the community as a whole, received some VERY outlandish bills which were completely erroneous pertaining to the the amounts of water billed, and the amounts charged per gallon consumed.

This one solitary bill had been so wildly out-of-whack with the usual former water-consumption bills our neighborhood had become accustomed to, that the numbers-scam disrupted everyone in our community simultaneously.

The new water monopoly had disrupted EVERYONE in our community and that scam just happen to coincide with another scam against the citizenry, the Savings and Loans Scams (i.e. Fanny Mae, HUD, etc.), so plenty of For Sale signs soon went up in front of many homes.

This was a big deal in our New Port Richey Community, yet not even a decade later and I see the Internet has been scrubbed of the incident (amazing because of all the comments which also were summarily wiped out leaving no lasting voice to the citizenry).

FGUA sent everyone bills with not only a higher fee per gallon consumed, but arguably has shown to have fudged the amounts to their advantage of quantities consumed.

The FGUA Agents and their responses between myself and many of the neighbors that frequented my store echoed in chorus to the same tune, "We're sorry but the previous Water Company did not keep very good records and we're dealing with the problem now".

When in actuality, FGUA was NOT dealing with the problem, FGUA simply transferred their "problem" upon the citizens causing many permanent harm. The people in our neighborhood were predominantly living out the last of their lives on a fixed-income that was not flexible to accommodate the FGUA surprise billing.

So while many were left with having to sell the homes they thought they'd retire in to move to a less-taxed place, I stood as stout as possible and simply refused to pay (and probably still have the video showing the heated discussion between myself and the landlord over the issue caused by the overage made by the neo-corpo-politico-monopoly).

He tried everything to convince me to just "forget about it, just pay it or they'll lean my property". But I was way beyond the care of staying at that point, and was already looking for off-grid property primarily in the State of Montana (holy croutons property prices were higher than expected there).

He clearly was not wanting to evict me for my refusal to pay the extortion money for enough water to fill a large in-ground pool twice or more, i began to step-up searching for a quick expeditious solution to obtaining water.

So I watched some youtube videos on how to dig a well and told the water company to turn off their water, that it was no longer wanted.

If you recalled how the Enron scam was played out, this was/is a similar numbers-game. How it works is that a large number of victims will not do anything but complain about the over-billing yet will pay whatever the amount is because there is not allowed any other choice for water.

Another percentage will become incarcerated before they can rectify the overage...(don't laugh, statistically speaking it's a fact that our once-free nation now incarcerates more of its own people than most all other countries COMBINED).

And still yet another percentage will become ill, get hit by a car, simply be too busy to analyze their bill, will not notice the overage, or be at a disadvantage because they allowed "auto-pay" feature access to their bank accounts. Many of the auto-pay subscribers were probably clueless or despondent toward the over-billing. Still, another percentage of victims will simply just pay despite the huge jump in the amount of gallons alleged to have been delivered to their property (many of the victims were told by the FGUA agents that they should check for leaks and jump through hoops to figure out "their" problem with the emergence of this new bill. In fact, any number of other possible variables ensured that FGUA would profit regardless of their "error".

I can go on for two days with all the myriad of possible assurances availed to the monopolies that wrong is right.

Even if half of the victims of the askew bills remained stout through the phone-buffers and pursued the public relations groups, monopoly still profits.

I might have more to say about this in the next page.

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