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Before the big wipe-out of wildlife due to recent "global events", fires and other natural disasters, the planet had much wild-life to catch glimpses of.

Without security cameras I'd never had known of a feral cat, possum, and raccoon that all ate on my porch *(at the same time!). I would have never experienced the awe of seeing how none of the diverse critters were up for a fight, showing moderate consideration for one-another's space.

And although at one point the possum opened it's big mouth wide to show the unimpressed raccoon his pearly whites, all ate without incident on the upper-deck of the side-porch.

Before the wipe-out era, I had the privilege to play back a previous day's fast-moving fox visitor in super-slow-motion.

Triple-head cctv camera

However locally, Springfield Ohio hadn't any natural disasters, yet the wild-life is no longer seen (or appear to be dwindling drastically in numbers).

Without cameras I'd not know of the family of possums that is no longer around. I no longer see the raccoon families either. And so far I've only seen one skunk that remained of families that existed the years prior.

Security Cameras now show me the lack of wild-life

When I was of a mind to run a business during my younger years, cameras soon became a lifesaver on so many levels.

I quickly realized the importance to have audio recorded at all times along with a video record.

One time there was a gun shot right outside my commercial building. The DVR's allowed me to quickly scan and play back the surrounding areas allowed me to confirm a gun shot.

The story is interesting so I'll expound

Sure there may be some pretty hookers out there, this isn't going to be a story of one of those.

There was a hooker girl that rented a small shack adjacent to our building. She was the needy type and vulgar enough to not want around.

In fact, she's the spitting definition of a "cloud that gives no rain", in my opinion.

In any event, I would oftentimes notice that she would have her tricks meet her in front of our building right out in the parking lot. She had a routine but this night would be different for her.

From what I could gather, she seemed to direct the poor blokes right to the handicap spot where she would get into the vehicle, remain for a minute or two (maybe 10), and then she for whatever reason would direct the car or truck to move over behind the wall where there are no windows.

And as was sometimes typical, she would open the vehicle door and would approach our first front door where she would pretend to knock. Actually, the first encounter to her routine she did not know I lived where I worked and she actually knocked, shocked that I answered the door. So after that mishap she no longer actually knocked.

This next statement is totally debatable and surely unfounded but I'm saying it anyway. The girl was the sketchy type that consumed every drug available. She drank, cussed loudly, spoke loudly, looked but-ugly.

In the past, she had robbed one of the elderly in the neighborhood of his prescription drugs. I remember seeing the mechanical old-peoples buggy armed with an unusually tall flag driving down the road with the old man mumbling something in an unsettling animated manner. But soon after the old guy scooted around our corner building, an exceedingly loud argument ensued with her, her brothers and father, all yelling at the same time. And with all that yelling I must say, it's a miracle the guy didn't die of a heart attack.

Other times it was embarrassing to watch as the dodgy girl did the crack-dance, or was practically on all hands and knees looking for some illusion that her or her brothers may have dropped (sometimes the hunt and peck would occur in the late evening while she and at least one of her brothers searched incessantly armed with flashlights.

But back to the night of the gunshot. So her usual routine was to leave her trick in the car, approach the front door, fake a knock, look around in a outrageous comical manner, and then after a bit walk briskly to the other end of the building while holding up a finger as if to say, "I'll be right back, wait here">

Once around the corner the mad-sprint was on to get to her home.

This night would be different for her though.

PTZ Camera

So her normal routine is to high-tail it to her sketchy trailer and turn off the lights (probably telling her brothers and father to not make a sound).

But this time the guy didn't just drive off after a while.

This time the guy looked kind of .... dangerously well-off and confident.

The guy got out of his vehicle, walked up to the building and looked through our glass front door (and probably noticed that as all the signs stated, it was a computer repair shop). He then proceeded to walk in the direction of the corner in which the girl had dashed around.

I watched anxiously as the Hispanic male walked up to our fence as if he might hop over. But instead he crossed his arms while leaning on the fence, staring intently toward our rear door and windows for any signs of life.

Then he looked up-wind toward the trashed-out trailer.

Anyway to finish the story up quickly; the guy ends up inside the trailer and after a short while, comes back out slamming the door and stated something unintelligible.

A short time later one of the brothers and the hooker were running to catch the man shouting "we'll pay you back" and "no wait, I have the money, here". The guy ignored them not even looking back, and once in his car, drives to the corner where the boy and girl were pausing from their pathetic sprint.

Camera 1

Camera 2

Camera 3

Then the driver gets out and after reaching behind his driver's side seat area, produced a gun and popped a cap toward the fleeing duo.

About a week later I realized there was something different, her usual routine seemed not as "like clockwork">

Then it happened; a small posse of cars pulled up and the weapons came out. Shortly thereafter the father disappeared, then one of the brothers. For a time it was just her and the one remaining brothers. All they did was argue and fight.

Oddly enough, a day or two later, two detectives arrived in my shop asking that I pull video feed pertaining to 1 or two days between the hours of (I don't remember) and (I don't remember).

However the days that the detectives wanted video feed were not the days of the incident aforementioned.

I'm pretty sure it's not standard practice for a detective to reveal the detail of their investigations, but this time maybe was different.

The lady detective did most of the talking and told me that she was following up on an investigation of a cop having on-duty relations with the girl around back.

I'm assuming this must have been an "under cover" cop that the detectives were investigating. I replied that I would make the dubs and get back to them when complete.

However as I was spending more time than I thought it would take to pull the video feeds, I started to get tired. Then I started thinking.

Number One, Any guy dating that girl should be pitied and surely has endured a far-greater threshold of patience and pain and furthermore, if the cop was truly dating her, then his life was already messed up and nothing I might do by releasing the video feeds would have done him or her any good whatsoever.

So the long story short is that I quickly learned of the power of actual video feed; to know what is not seen; to hear what may have been missed while away; but more importantly for the business.

If a customer returned to state I didn't return a power cord with his computer (it happened more than once) I simply played back the day on his receipt and voilĂ ...it's hard to dispute seeing yourself walking away to your vehicle while you're holding the power supply to your side slightly swinging it. It's not a very convincing accusation that you never received a disc from me while we're both watching a circular disc being handed and received.

Camera 4

Camera 5

Camera 6

I'm not bragging, but I was almost always right, but without cameras I would never have believed how damn right I usually was!

Another time I was told that I hadn't given back the proper change. I did not figure out until later how ridiculous his claim was in the first place. He stated that I was handed $30.00 and that the item was only (something less than $20.00).

After taking the kid in the backroom to watch the playback with me, there it was....the video has reached the point in the transaction showing the young man handing me a solitary piece of paper money. He left sheepishly

Another time, after one of the Florida storms hit our building causing the roof and ceiling to fall in, I hired a woman that said she would help load the bus of whatever could be salvaged in the building.

I fired her before the end of the day because she did something disrespectful by disappearing to her car for a substantial period of time. When she returned I didn't like her answer and dismissed her with pay.

That devilish (*censored word) had the audacity to call the police and her husband down to the shop stating that I had touched her inappropriately.

There I was extremely exhausted and thinking things couldn't possibly get any worse for me (the storm wiped my business pretty much off the map), then as the cop called over to me harshly, I felt as if it absolutely could get worse.

As luck would have it, of all the times I might have been totally guilty of such an accusation, this was not one of those days.

The cop was a lady and straightway was very rough with me, spouting what might happen unless I could convince her that the accusation was not true.

It seemed like the light-bulb should have gone off in my head a bit sooner...but when it did, I exclaimed, "WAIT A MINUTE!" and then me and the lady cop watched the video in slow-motion, fast-motion, sometimes she paused and reversed the playback, and all the while the accuser across the street was strutting back and forth as if someone could believe anyone would want to touch her inappropriately in the first place. She was the type that would probably convince her husband that they had every right to empty the remaining contents of my damaged shop while I was detained and processed down at the police station.

This would NOT be her lucky day though.

Needless to say, the DVR's saved my but! The lady cop changed her whole demeanor with me and suddenly she tells me "Oh I don't like this", pushes by me and walks toward the woman and her husband for a damn-good well-deserved tongue-lashing!

It was one of those moments that I found myself rooting for the police and praising god and glaring over at the Hefner as if to say "I got you b4e#@!"

Seriously though, I can't imagine the numbers of men and women out there that are innocent but didn't have a DVR at their disposal.

Nowadays I never leave home without one!

Inconspicuous wireless camera and microphone

One more scenario and then I'll get on with this page. One time I and my then-girlfriend Cindy ordered a pizza because it was going to be an all-nighter of repairs.

A few hours later I called the pizza shop to inquire as to what happened with my pizza order.

The manager tells me over the phone that his driver attempted to deliver the pizza but that nobody answered the door.

I stated that it was impossible, there wasn't any noise distraction that could hinder the loud doorbell and alarms that would have gone off prior to the man even having exited his vehicle.

Camera 7

Then the manager tells me to hold on a second and I hear the conversation between the manager and the delivery guy. The delivery guy stated he even tried to call while he was out in the parking lot and when the manager returned to the phone to talk to me, he stated that the phone record showed the driver did appear to call my phone number.

To this day I don't know how one phone (the driver's) can show one record and yet my phone show nothing of the sort, but when the manager stated that he was coming to deliver my pizza personally, I made sure the camera screens were locked and loaded.

The happy of that story is that the manager insisted I have the pizza for free after watching the window of time that the delivery guy said he was in our parking lot.

If I can't remember something, play it back. If I lost something, play it back. If something really questionable happens, dub an encrypted and password-protected copy....just in case.

The notion was to curtail any communications errors with my customers.

If I cannot remember something, I simply play it back even if it were a week or month ago.

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Spy Surveillance Microphone

Although the unit comes with RCA connection already, there are adapters here if needed that will accommodate any connection (i.e. BNC, S-VIDEO, VGA, etc.).

The stealth recording unit is a concealed 12v microphone (very sensitive) which is being sold for $35.00

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