Solar Accessories

Optional Solar Add-ons 1:

Direction Actuator

Full Actuator View Solar Panel Actuator Kits

Actuators allow for the motorization of the North to South movement of the Solar Array to follow the sun's seasonal location on a single or dual-Axis for pole-mounted or non-pole mounted Solar Panel Arrays.

Solar-pitch Actuator

$75.00 Motorized, extendable/retractable, unit for all pole-mounted and non-pole mounted Solar Panel array Systems.

Solar Panels

Economy Solar Tracker

Solar Panel Kit - with added Solar Tracking Module

Solar Tracking Module allow for the motorization of the East to West movement of the Solar Array to follow the sun's daily movement on a single Axis for pole-mounted systems.

$265.00 is a DC Motor and programmable remote control for pole-mounted systems.

Solar Panel Kit - with added Solar Tracking Module

Automatic Auto-On/Off Photocell for street Light Switch DC AC 220V 10A Photo Control Photo-switch Sensor Switch



Easy to install


Photo-sensor Switch

No manual operation required


Power supply:2.00


Turn appliances on at dusk, off at dawn; operates AC or DC)

*At present there are only 210-250v models available

235-amp-hour Duracell Battery
Solar Batteries

The Sligc-125 Duracell Battery are 235amp hour Deep Cycle Solar Batteries.

$50.00 each

Deep Cycle Solar Battery
Morningstar Tristar Charge Controller With the Meter!
Morningstar Tristar

The Morningstar Charge Controller can also be used as a Diversion Control Unit.

Unit Inlcudes the digital mult-info meter, Temperature Sensor and cable, and Tristar Charge Controller.

Up to 150volts, 60amps 12volt-24volt-48volt


Morningstar Tristar 60amp

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