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Scattered within these Web Pages are prose, pictures, and comments of issues that may become of interest to anyone that is looking to change their lifestyle, Hunker-down, get closer to God, become free of a monthly bill, Untether and unbeholden to another entity, Or whatever Other Reason. It is hoped that something in here spurs you to become closer toward self-sufficiency.

Why Not Solar for a new Lifestyle?

I started with solar while in Florida, where there is always a boat-load of plentiful Sun!

In Florida's sun, there wasn't a need for a lot of solar panels because of all the reliable sun there. Using an old television rotator, the first solar tracker was built, and the ball kept rolling.

Florida Solar
Florida Solar 2

Each Solar Tracker permitted either 12v or 24v stand-alone. The first two solar trackers were of a simple design, yet worked impressively well with a programmable remote control by Sony.

The simple design tracked east-west only. The seasonal adjustment for Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall, were manual. However, In Florida there isn't as extreme a deviation from the sun's elevation from season to season as there is in the North of the country so basically nil adjustment was ever made during my time in Florida.

Florida Solar 3

The military helper installing the very first solar panels for me in Florida.

Florida Solar 4

Coming to Ohio was a whole new set of revelations and initial failures.

It was just assumed that I could relocate anywhere and carry my electric with me (and that everything would just perform as it always had).


Eventually a Florida storm convinced me to move and I ended up in Ohio. It quickly became apparent that a new game-plan had to be considered if enough energy was going to be gleaned from having less sun. Each project in Springfield Ohio eventually was accomplished pro-the micro-needs required at the time.

As an example,

A problem began to arise because of the security system and other items that never turn off at our Springfield location.

When it was found that the modem, router, server and security system were infrequently dragging down the "main" battery bank, it was time to devote a battery bank, charge controller, and solar array JUST for the modem, router, security system and server's use.

Early Ohio installation.

Early Springfield Solar

Installation ready for a 48v solar array.

Early Springfield Ohio Solar

The Security DVR System with it's cameras, microphones, infra-red modules and sensors, and more all operate free flawlessly day in and day out (and night-time too).

Springfield Ohio Security System

Despite the early Springfield Failures, Solar electricity was the chosen alternative to Monopoly Electricity.

Most of the solar arrays here are almost exclusively 48v and require special charge controllers. The special Charge Controllers are referred to as MPPT (maximum power point tracking technology).

MPPT allows charging a 12v, 24v, or 48v battery bank regardless of what configuration the solar panels are in.

In other words, a 48v solar array can charge a 12v, 24v or 48v battery bank just fine.

Whereas the more common PWM controllers require panel array and battery bank to be in like-configuration in order to function correctly.

My personal preference are Morningstar Technology Products.

Morningstar Products

To supplement the Springfield Ohio solar, a wind-generator was also installed

Array of Solar Panels with Wind Generator Crown

Seen in the background is a 40-foot International Bus with solar.

Troy Road Springfield Solar
Ohio Solar Powered Bus

There are 8 solar panels that comprise two adjustable groups of 4 panels that also act as awnings to the bus.

The bus alternator was a solar panel and installed on the motor hood.

On top of the bus were 12 solar panels, with the rear-most panel that doubled as a rear-door awning.

So what worked in Ohio? Micro-Battery Banks and Solar Arrays was the answer.
Micro-power systems vs. Macro

Having the battery banks not bulked together lessened confusion when troubleshooting.

Looking for Solar Panel Kits?

Springfield Ohio has Custom Solar Kits Made to Order!

The use of micro-power stations decreased long down-time and became efficient item-specific power cells.

Solar Energy Homestead

With less continual high-draw imposed on a central battery, allowed for a healthy battery regardless which area each specific bank was powering.

Solar Panel Array

Solar Panel Kit Array

Solar Panel Kit Array

Solar Panel Kit Array

Solar Bus Array

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Solar Bus

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