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Spider Soup ... and other great recipes

Before this pseudo-test operation began out here in the garage
there were some fears that needed to be addressed.
Spider Billy

Spiders were but one of those fears.

Introducing a Spider named Marge

Hi Marge

P Spider

It's true, You can't dress her up,

and you can't take her out to a club,

you don't dare introduce her to mom,

But you can sure eat her!

But Wait! I'd like to introduce to you the notion that spiders might make great pets, also!


Luckily, the book I generally lean upon for some guidance, the Bible, states that "Fear is not of God". The implication being, that if we harbor fear, it might not be a great attribute to take onto judgment.

Large Marge, the spider, generally is only seen at night. I usually take a shower at night, so it's not uncommon that she obligingly will make way for me in the area that Marge resides.

What seems to work for me in an effort to addressing fears is to simply consider oneself as already dead.

Another helper overcoming fears of spiders is to make it God's problem

Basically convince oneself that if God is such a great and powerful God, that the proof might be in the pudding and to continue with whatever endeavor might arise.

Surely God can handle a spider.

Kenny eats spiders

Are you or someone in your family Contemplating eating a spider?

Some Spiders have great google reviews.

The Internet says spiders are nutritious, and if cooked properly, delicious.

You probably want to try one.

Yeah, it's understandable, me too.

But let's get to know our food a little better first, shall we?

Seen below, Marge is half-lounging. She is in a position that appears to indicate that she's comfortable, and not in the alert-mode.

Photo of Large Marge, the Spider 2

For the most-part, Marge appears to have extremely limited friends.

But don't underestimate her apparent speed handicap due to her size.

On a couple of occasions I needed to move the spider and found her to be very agreeable, choosing flight rather than fight-mode.

This particular spider, when in lounging, lays very flat, with legs spread out.

It appears that she's so lonely, that all hope is given up as she just is usually not moving much.

Eat more Spider

This might be a boyfriend for Marge.

Spider Billyana

But he's got some competition.

Photo of Large Marge Boyfriend Spider


Upon doing a cursory glance on the Internet, It was found that most nations eat spiders of some sort or another.

In seeking whether or not there were any good recipes out there, few are found in the video section.

Basically spiders are easy to prepare by simply pan-frying for a few minutes and then displaying over maybe a rice pilaf.

Large spiders, larger than Marge, are said to be the best spiders to eat due to possessing more substance.

Even venomous spiders are edible

In fact, to the best of my recollection, there are very few spiders that are toxic to ingest. Ironically, it is said that the tastiest spiders are also the most deadliest (when alive).

Some spiders must be cleaned first, just as you would with a deer or chicken , removing entrails and then cooking.

Bon Apetite.

Here Marge, Come here I'm not going to hurt you...little closer...

Sorry, but upon further consultation and consideration, it was decided to not publish the recipe.

Spider Soup Recipe delayed until futher notice.

Marge, the Springfield Spider

Large Marge says, "Eat more chikin!"

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