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48v vis-à-vis 12v Terminology

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Quick - Reference

The following are the approximate easy-reference conversions for a 48-volt Solar Array, Charge Controller, or Battery Bank's equation to the more familiar 12v Terminology.

Print the chart and post near your equipment for easy-reference.

48.0v = 12.00v

48.4v = 12.1v

48.8v = 12.2v

49.2v = 12.3v

49.6v = 12.4v

50.0v = 12.5v

50.4v = 12.6v

50.8v = 12.7v

51.2v = 12.8v

51.6v = 12.9v

52.0v = 13.00

52.4v = 13.1v

52.8v = 13.2v

53.2v = 13.3v

53.6v = 13.4v

54.0v = 13.5v

54.4v = 13.6v

54.8v = 13.7v

55.2v = 13.8v

55.6v = 13.9v

56.0v = 14.00

56.4v = 14.1v

56.8v = 14.2v

57.2v = 14.3v

57.6v = 14.4v

58.0v = 14.5v

58.4v = 14.6v

58.8v = 14.7v

59.2v = 14.8v

By Kenny Hendrick. Chart equates 48v in 12v terminology.

Photo shows the status of a PWM Charger by Morningstar that is active in this Building.

The other Charge Controllers are MPPT by the same Manufacturer.

Hands-down, the MPPT appears a better deal for the needs here. Plans are in the making to converting the PWM 150v 60a Charge Controller over to become a Diversion Control Unit for the Wind Generator.

Used by Kenny Hendrick. Chart equates 48v in 12v terminology.

As a quick-fix toward removing oneself from the Grid, if developing a 12v system, simply use automotove fuse boxes salvaged from the Recycling Yard as opposed to the humongous amount of money it will require to succumb to the AC units typically sold at the monopoly stores.

The difference is super-substantial. The difference is hundreds of dollars vs. $20.00

Chart used by Kenny Hendrick. Chart equates 48v in 12v terminology.

Both units shown can handle up to 150volts or 60amps (whichever comes first). The center unit is the MPPT and to the right of the MPPT is the PWM. Both were used to charge a 48volt Battery Bank and tested mid-2019 for results. The PWM was replaced by another MPPT unit and instantly showed more promising results.

Conversion chart used by Kenny Hendrick. Chart equates 48v in 12v terminology.

Chart equates 48v in 12v terminology.

Line testing performed with 8-year old MPPT Controller by Morningstar.

48v in 12v terminology.

Samlex Inverter

Although not formerly known to me, the Samlex inverter has operated flawlessly for a year or more at the time of this writing. Howver, the 600-watt unit has been decommissioned for the larger 1500w Samlex, pending additional plans for re-purposing the smaller 600w unit.

This is the conversion chart used by Kenny Hendrick. Chart equates 48v in 12v terminology.

Trojan Batteries from Batteries Plus.

Unlike the Duracell Batteries that Batteries Plus is selling, the Trojans are possibly genuine because I had them shipped from California (LOL, no seriously).

I have no clue where these sentences go.

48v Battery bank (one leg) in foreground.

48v Battery bank (one leg) in foreground, 12v at rear.

These batteries were all eliminated (even the Trojans in the background) and replaced with the larger 435ah Trojans x 16.

Wind Generator

This 48v 2-Wire Wind generator has 10 blades, and operates using two wires (as opposed to a 3-wire unit).

The unit is silent even under heavy wind conditions. People walk under it not even knowing it's moving and are surprised at how quiet it is.

This is the first silent wind generator I've ever owned. My previous units were extremely annoying (like a rooster can get sometimes...oh by the way, Jack the rooster is dead).

The wind generator is for sale to make way for an upgrade model.

48v Wind Generator

Wind Generator in Springfield is able to be easily serviced from the roof.


Ground Work

The little bx-Kubota is a no-joke tractor.

When the Kubota first arrived, it was under warranty.

So I put it to the test by digging more than 75' to install an 1 or 2 inch pipe to an in-yard hydrant.

The water-line that I used is some very thick-walled poly pipe. I circled it in the photos.

So I first started digging the ramp, and the ramp eventually became more steep and longer and before I knew it, the little bx tractor was done! dammit man

Ground Excavation Work


The fun was on. I mean that thing was rip-roarin' sometimes into the dark. At one point, all that could be seen of the tractor down there was the roll-bar.

oops, sorry, wrong video or wrong page

First Samlex Inverter, all systems are GO.

First Samlex 48v Inverter showing all systems are GO

48v to 12v

Shows 12v (nominal) battery bank using an MPPT Charge Controller that has an input from 48v solar-arrays. This bank is presently showing 14.2v and taking in 46.7amps


Shows 48v (nominal) battery bank using an MPPT Charge Controller that has an input from 48v solar-arrays. This bank is presently showing 50.2v and taking in no amps because it's night-time.

Two 200w @ 24v panels in series to 48v

Although never having any real issue with it, this early installation was later dismantled and removed for the chicken project (documented elsewhere in this website). Small Solar Array.

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