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Topic: Safe Water from a Well

It's something we generally don't spend a lot of time thinking about...

Springfield Water Purification

Until it's not available.

Quench thirst, Shower, boil, Wash hands, Clean clothes...

But what are you going to do about those blasted worms?!

If you are getting your water from a well, it stands to reason that the water is filtered by the ground to some degree.

However, depending on where you are located, water straight from the well can be deadly (as documented by citizen videos showing the results of Corporate "fracking" in their area by lighting their tap water with a lighter to show it catches fire).

But even if you are not within toxic-range of an industry, your water will probably require the need to address the potential NEMATODE issue.

Nematodes are tiny worms you can actually see under a magnifying glass.

Like Round-worm, hook-worm, tape-worm, pin-worm, there's the common water nematode that loves

And as gross as it might sound, your dog isn't the only one happy to see you.

There are some nematode worms that ONLY prefer human hosts!

It's not always possible to cleanse wild-caught water (such as when camping and retrieving water from a nearby stream), so the following is a need-to-know for all off-gridders, campers, hunters, fugitives, etc.

Drinking bad water can make you sick or worse.

Water Purification

Unwittingly consume "bad" water?

Here's some tips to remedy an ingested Nematode problem.

  1. Eat some garlic
  2. Garlic is said to work best if smashed and allowed to sit for 15 minutes before consuming (to allow some natural reaction to take place).

  3. Swallow D.E. till you feel better
  4. Food-grade D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth) is amazing for apparently just about everything in diverse areas of our lives.

  5. Pumpkin seeds
  6. Pumpkin seeds reportedly paralyze the cling-on nematode type.

  7. Coconut oil
  8. Coconut Oil is said to have a bunch of stuff in it to aid the riddance of nematodes from the body.

  9. Papaya Seeds
  10. Papaya Seeds contain an enzyme that nematodes don't like.

  11. Vinegar
  12. Drink a good swallow of vinegar on an empty stomach.

    It may make you feel sick as the tiny worms are annihilated, but no worries (nobody ever died from a little pain).

And before you jump to conclusions that you would never contract worms, think again.

We all have a slew of living stuff inside of us.

In fact, if you were to rid your body completely of all parasites, worms, fungus and molds, and everything else living in you, you'd probably be dead.

That said, it's still a good thing to mix up the monotony of life a little, and jumping on the Detoxification bandwagon of teas and garlics and cinnamons, and all the other stuff that cleans out the innards, might be just what the Doctor ordered.

Presuming that industry has not polluted or poisoned your ground water supply, filtration is an easy fix.

Consider an R.O. (Reverse osmosis) as an affordable means to filter your water!

Springfield Water Purification

Having available replacement parts and filters on hand can turn a disaster into a quick-fix.

New and Old Water Filters

Changing filters in water purification system

User-serviceable pre-filters are a great way to delay the expense of changing filters within the R.O. unit.

Water Purification

The easiest form of plumbing is the common garden hose.


Replacement Parts for garden-hose plumbing is prevalent and cheap, and without the need of a professional.

Springfield Water Purification

For durable underground water lines, hard-poly pipe is one affordable option.

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