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Ohio Water


Most R.O. Units will require some pressure to force the un-treateed water through finer and finer filters, before the finished product is produced.

There are a myriad of types and compositions of filters available. Luckily they are readily available from numerous sources (online and off).

But concerning the refuse made by the R.O. units, the end-user is oblivious to the incredible loss of water that their Reverse Osmosis System slags off.

USE THAT WATER for other purposes!

The units themselves come with directions that instruct the installer to drill a hole on the top of the exit-pipe, usually located under-the-sink.

Into that hole will go the black pipe from the R.O. unit, it is the line to drain off all the refused water.

To give you an idea of just how much water is wasted in making a solitary gallon of filtered water,

the refuse water to make the 1gallon clean potable water fills the washer with the refuse (still looks crystal clear).

Springfield Ohio Water Treatment Alternative

The Findings?

The economy 110v washer can be completely filled by the overflow water from the R.O. unit,

just to make a solitary gallon of treated water!

Springfield Filtered Water


The photo shown below is the water-heater relocated to the hold area.

Springfield Ohio Water Treatment Plant

Below the plate steel which the heater is resting upon, is another tank which is used for the reverse osmosis water treatment system.

The R.O. is partially visible on the right side of the water heater.

This location (3rd move now) was chosen for a number of reasons.

Having the water heater close to the area in which the hot water is required delivers the hot water quicker.

It also wastes less heated water that otherwise would remain in a stretch of plumbing (a.k.a. stretch of hose).

Typically, when the water heater was located at some other remote location, the amount of water to run through the hose to the final destination was wasted water until the hot water caught up.

Now the hot water is almost instaneous due to its close proximity.

The hardest part of the setup was the relocation of the power structure/rail required to run the water heater.

The plastic, that is seen in the photo above draped over the water heater, is to shed any standing water.

Springfield Ohio Well

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