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This year, monopoly calls itself Spectrum


Spectrum Internet Provider

With a press of a button, monopoly can send us all to Walmart or Bestbuy...

Oh you Don't Believe it's true?

You might want to sit down for this.

Old News vs New News - Think BGP Hijack by IP Controllers (at will)

Recently I caught Spectrum doing malicious criminal activity.

Spectrum stated that they were "updating" my personal modem which is my personal property.

In order to get to my property, the IP oligopoly had to first breach the end of their legal access into this home by going beyond the end of the cable and into my home to access the modem. They admit to accomplishing this remotely using an already documented known hack by injecting compromised "firmware".

Firstly, let's get on the same page of reality. Is it safer to allow only access from within the network (i.e. your own home) or to block access from the owner and allow only remote access through the wild wild web (supposedly only accessible by the internet provider that doesn't even own the device!?). And get this, once the internet provider hacks your modem, there's no known way to flash it back (not mine anyway). This isn't damaging? This isn't criminal willful tampering of someone else's personal property? Really.

Well for one thing, the "Arris" modem that Spectrum claims the legal right to alter (aka hack, damage, vandalize, causing harm to another without provocation, etc.),

isn't even an Arris modem in the first place!

My modem is a Motorola, a pre-Arris buy-out of the Motorola sb-series.

So why was Spectrum - Charter injecting Arris Software into my non-Arris modem?

"...Customers with Arris modems (Arris Software) are at a greater risk of remote hacking."

Good thing I recorded everything, huh?

noun: profiteering

"The practice of making or seeking to make an excessive or unfair profit, especially illegally."

SpectrumRepresentatives claimed that Arris told them to do it, and that I ought to pursue Arris for fault and damage to my hardware (do we even wonder if a murderer can get away with murder by stating someone else told them to do it? This is a ridiculous claim altogether).

Arris refutes Spectrums Claim

It's a known hack to inject the Arris software to create a back door! Spectrum and At&t both issue Arris modems, why?

What I found was that the A.T.T. modems which are already documented online as having been found insecure by the FBI and at least one branch of our Military, zdnet, and others, can be the working prototype to inject the backdoor into other modems as well. More can be read about those failed devices here.

Spectrum admitted injecting my personal property, a MOTOROLA modem, with the Arris firmware thereby allowing for their implementation of a backdoor into my home.

Where does the line stop? Our Nuclear power plants run on computers, our missiles have computers, our microphones and cameras and health monitors and .... our weakest link could very well be the centralization of our ip providers.

Finding my hardware damaged, I immediately confronted the perpetrators.

Then in less than a month of "service" after receiving FIVE conflicting bills for the month of non-service, Monopoly sends it off to collections!

Does that sound like normal routine actions (especially since I already was filing with a slew of consumer protection sites before their first bill even arrived)?

There had been no service received, but in came the odd conflicting bills to distract me.

Keep in mind that I've thus far not received any of my end of our agreement.

The prices and amounts are all over the place, which one would YOU want to pay (to be the recipient of damage)?

8 days later I am threatened for non-PAYMENT (even though there had been less hours used than one has digits on their hand; that which ended with negative impact i.e. 3 illegal unwarranted blacklists against the IP address from Spectrum later the "remote" hacking and/or destroying of my personal modem), and straightway it went to COLLECTIONS! (X3)

December 27, 2017 Threat of Delinquent (profiteering?)Delinquent Account

I had already filed with the FCC, Consumer Affairs, and many others. But instead of apologies and offering to recompense the damage, the Charter-Spectrum monopoly instead bombarded me with sudden conflicting bills for "service". Why do you suppose something like that would suddenly happen? Different amounts for same period of dis"service"?

*I've actually seen this tactic played on me before. Like Springfield's communications monopoly, Springfield's electric monopoly played the exact same game on me in the past. But when the electric monopoly bombarded me with all sorts of conflicting outrageous bills, they found that I am exactly the type to record videos of even electric meters on outside walls (yes, a daily video reading of the electric meter...an electric meter that still spun the digits even though every breaker was off in the building (for my rental). Later my suspicions were corroborated with the upstairs neighbor that the landlord had the electric rigged so that her need for more electric was supplemented by tapping into mine. You can read more about that here). I lost the battle against the landlord but I won with the electric company because when they claimed that the meter that was pulled from my wall stated one thing when I literally recorded their agent removing the meter from the wall, which included my vocal and visual reading off of the numbers on the meter, that plus videos (daily) of their meter is what saved me. So my point is, I'm conditioned for these devious confusion-tactics perpetrated by the business class, so I sort of snapped-to when I saw the same tactic played out by the Internet monopoly).

Notice that there was an attempt by Charter, the owner of Spectrum Internet, to deny everything. To acknowledge nothing (ordinarily this would be enough to trump a citizen claim).

Arris Website - No Drivers or Updates

The manufacturer would have no reason to do as Spectrum claims (as shown by the manufacturer's website claim that states so, as well as the telephone recording with the Arris manufacturer which directly contradicts the Spectrum nonsense claim.

A system crumbles when it shows it can no longer be trusted.

Is it possible that America has experienced a coup from a high-up entity over our communications? The first act of war is to eliminate communications and supply lines, isn't it?

When spectrum failed to make right their wrong I began to publish the issue.

P.U.C.O. was contacted December 1, 2017 Case: KHEN113017OR

FCC was contact December 2, 2017 FCC Ticket No. 2077867

December 3, 2017 upload conversation to Another home audio/video gets censored, but why? (*sorry, this link has been banished: youtube.com/watch?v=U4MH0gbZtv8 no longer exists.

After the video was censored, I upload the recorded Spectrum conversations again on December 13, 2017

See Youtube coup

January 14, 2018 I contacted Jamie at Consumer Affairs:


January 27, 2018 I posted the issue on:



February 1, 2018 Motorola responded concerning Incident # 27750 and #180202-010823

Filed a claim with Spectrum, claim ticket #26135861

Filed with FTC reference number: #92612426

Ohio Attorney General complaint reference number is: WK000088855

FCC New Ticket No. 2228714

The specrum monopoly was using an already documented hack which you can read about here: (*sorry the page no longer is able to be linked to).

Saving grace given by the great then-Ohio Attorney General, Mike DeWine.

At one point, Charter attempted to deny everything(!!)

(*but it was too late, the voice recordings brought them back on the same page of reality).

Ordinarily, government employees excluded, the employee is an extension of the business, which makes the business liable for the actions of the employee. It is in the same way that if my kid pokes your kid's eye out, I'm liable for the actions of my kid (who else should be? The kid!?)

The parent made and raised a kid so it should follow suit that in the same manner in which the kid would not have existed if it were not for the pre-cursor actions of the parents, the manner in which the child was raised, the environment surrounding the child, and other variables of liability still are the liability and ownership of the parents. Likewise, in a corporate arena, the employee of the corporation could not likely be to blame for damages if the employee never existed. Who born the employee? Who trained the employee? Who's property (of sorts) is the employee? So we in the civilian "consumer" arena should not feel shy speaking out when wronged by any arm of corporation (whether it be in the marketplace or their judicial setting...for lack of any other alternative reality).

It is very clear that Spectrum is stating that Arris told them to "push" whatever it was that destroyed my modem thereby causing a chain-reaction of negative events as a result (ie. update, firmware, eavesdropping hack, ip redirect manipulation, etc.).


My Modem is a Motorola, and is pre-arris buyout as stated by arris themselves!

This action is actually MUCH MORE than just hacking a modem and destroying somebody else's property!

This website is developed in regards to the unprovoked blacklisting, hacking/tampering, and termination of personal property caused by Spectrum. Herein Spectrum is used interchangeably for all it's other names, including Spectrum a.k.a Time Warner, a.k.a Charter Group, a.k.a. Road Runner, a.k.a. Bright House, and any other name that the monopoly may be using.

Spectrum call for service activation, call log (855) 202-0960,Incoming, 11/20/2017 02:23 PM,00:00:26

Spectrum service was stopped on November 29, 2017

*See complete Call logs at bottom of this page.


Spectrum on day one of service, added THEIR modem to 3 blacklists thereby availing only tainted "service". In an effort to solve the problem, the spectrum agent and myself tried my personal modem (a Motorola modem), it worked fine for the few hours it was up until Spectrum decided to "push firmware" into my modem (the wrong firmware) thereby bricking (rendering my property completely broken and unusable).

The internet monopolies censored the bejesus out of the ability to keep the recordings on mainstream sites. Alternative recordings are contained at the bottom of this page.

Despite that I have recorded all the calls and already filed formal complaints, in came the bills and then promptly came the calls from collections agencies (yes, plural!)

It's not whether you win or lose, because sooner or later you will lose. It's how you lose that defines you. I give Charter a three-thumbs-down for etiquette.

No apologies or reparations are offered by the monopoly. This is exactly the expected results when monopolies are allowed to exist (it becomes corporate fascism and void of any civil protections for the citizenry).

Even if Spectrums second excuse or statement is to be believed (that arris told them to do it), Arris adamantly refute the Spectrum Statement of Claim altogether.

Arris states NO UPDATES AVAILABLE, even for their model modem. So who has the power to either convince the Internet provider that lying is properly in order, or who has the power to circumvent laws...I guess what I'm getting at is why would Spectrum state Arris Pushed something to them?.

For those of you that are not aware, it is not normal procedure for a modem provider to "push" anything. It is up to the OWNER of the modem to push a button in their software (if any) to update the firmware in the modem. But more often than not, the owner would have to make many clicks before even downloading the new (if any) firmware. The creator of our modems is not in any way wanting to assume liability of their product once it's sold, let alone some implied or not-implied premise that they will adopt the new owner of their device as a token of non-profitability (it's ridiculous to consider it any other way). So yes, when you go to best buy to purchase that modem and bring it home, you might be dismayed to later find that maybe you should have taken more care to see if there's access to the unit (and then get pissed when the ip provider takes that accessibility completely from you after you connect to their cable or phone line).

After Finding my Hardware Damaged and the Servers not properly functioning, I noticed in the logs that there was what appears to be malicious activity just prior to the crash.

I promptly contacted Spectrum Internet Provider. For a copy of complete full recorded conversations with three different Spectrum Agents, mailto: kennyhendrick@proton.me

The following recording was a claim made by Spectrum who clearly blame Arris (a modem company Spectrum erroneously presumed had made my modem; I didn't find out until later that Arris did not).

What does Arris have to say about Spectrum claiming that they colluded to "push" hackware?

The following is found on Arris' Website for their modem.

Arris Website- No Drivers or UpdatesArris Website - No Drivers or Updates

But enough of this Spectrum blaming Arris farce because....

I DON'T EVEN OWN AN ARRIS MODEM in the first place!

The Spectrum admissions might serve some other modem owner, perhaps someone that owns an Arris Modem!

My Motorola modem series was designed and developed PRIOR TO ARRIS' buyout of the Motorola line modem and contained at least a couple of features that the Arris modem does not contain, those features are not to be miss-construed as "bugs", as the Spectrum Agent made reference to. Those features are:

1.) The ability to reboot the modem (this is a "bug" according to Spectrum. But I bought the damn modem "bug" and all of my own free will before they conjured up the bug-theory, the corporate class is now skirting truth disgracefully with this claim that rebooting is a bug).

2.) The ability to flash the modem back to factory condition (removing this feature traps the owner to the whims of the upstream, embedded IP providers, aka our weakest link. Now we cannot remove their criminal backdoors and there's nothing we can do about it since they removed the ability to do so).


Motorola Modem 1st photoMotorola Modem

The image shows the software I purchased with my modem

(before spectrum was born, literally).

My modem's software before hack 2

In contrast, the Arris modem hasn't any useful features aside from being a simple stripped-down version of my modem. The Arris modem is merely an intermediary device that allowed no user control.

I would never buy this type of modem. So monopoly injected it without my consent and they did it without warning (covert and clandestine).

Now we have to worry that someone at Spectrum has a friend at Best Buy and can send whole communities off to the store (clueless that their hardware was remotely killed).

This is the Arris modem

Arris Modem 2nd photoArris Modem

If they can do it to my modem which isn't running some fly-by-night software, it's BSD and LINUX that they hacked through; that in itself is very disturbing to know now due to another somewhat related past issue, but the real question is "Are economies manipulated by having friend's in high monopoly positions"?

Rather than offering to remedy the situation, the arrogant monopoly sends 5 different bills in less than 3 weeks (with 5 different amounts.

How do we get so many different priced bills all in the same month? *profiteering for no service and no produc.

Below are the myriad of bills that the monopoly responded with (as opposed to a humane apology letter).

Notice the prices are all over the place, and that their expectations for profit are for NON-service (*The same day that the monopoly's modem arrived in the mail is the same day that I called to inquire how I was summarily added to three blacklists instantaneously without cause or justification whatsoever and that I would try my modem and see if that changes anything, otherwise I need to cancel because your (spectrum) service would not be good for me (or anyone summarily added to a secret blacklist

The blacklists affect most search engines from wanting to count my server's websites. Being on a blacklist is damaging to anyone, whether business or private (I started a website years ago when spectrum was using a different alias, that being Time Warner. Adding people to blacklists are apparently accomplished without the Nation's Judiciary, monopoly is the intermediary, and by all counts, were at one time illegal).

Spectrum acknowledge that they removed these features from my PERSONAL property without my consent, then they profess that it was Arris software that was involved, then they blame Arris for telling them to do it!~

Yet even if I HAD an Arris modem, I am highly upset that these monopoly-types can feel so righteous in hacking other property that they do not own. Can they manipulate an entire community to suddenly need to replace modems and thereby increase the sales for a friend at Best Buy (as an example)?

The very same day that the spectrum modem arrived I am recorded as saying to the spectrum agent over the phone that if we can't remedy the faulty blacklisting which they arbitrarily added me to (3 blacklists), then I'll have to cancel their service, there's nothing I can do with the state in which the internet was being delivered to me.

There is actually another strangely similar incident that occurred years prior to Time Warner having changed its name to Spectrum The account I started writing years ago is in it's virtually pristine nature in which I left it, and recorded for anyone that wants to read more into how blacklisting is an unprovoked attack and causes obvious damage against the person or group in which it is directed against: http://springfieldohiopost.com/time-warner/

Again, Arris did not even make my modem, nor did they do what Spectrum - Charter evolved to claiming, that Arris told them to do it.

When spectrum failed to make right their wrong I began to publish the issue.

In November of 2017 I obtained the second to only "free-trade" that is allowed in our community for internet service. Upon inspection of their service, I found myself instantly on three blacklists which is deja vu before Time Warner cloaked themselves as the modern-day Spectrum provider. Here's my crude investigation and experiences with Time Warner (aka. spectrum).....before I could finish, they changed their name, but not their game.

Communicating the illegal bias and that blacklisting is immoral, illegal (if there's anything that remains of the moral fiber of its judiciary), and perpetuating an unprovoked attack landing me labeled with a dozen blacklists. If you don't know what happens to you when these monopolies add you to a blacklist, read more of that prior fiasco here

The deja-vu part is that both of the monopoly cloaks started me out giving "service" to me by putting me on three blacklists. I recorded the conversation of a senior agent, Mr. Dell, which is contained on the aforementioned link.

Puco was contacted December 1, 2017 Case: KHEN113017O.

FCC was contact December 2, 2017 FCC Ticket No. 207786.

Spectrum Backpedals claiming,

"Arris told us to do it"

So I ask you, what real recourse to unethical transactions is there?

Nobody told me anything, I had to catch them in the act!

Arris states that Spectrum is lying

After addressing the entity shown in my logs (spectrum), I am told Arris told them to do the hit; but Arris states they have nothing to do with it. Now what? Corporations will win, I can pursue this till the end of time, but all corporation has to do is morph into another company-name, change its policy to show the problem has been resolved, sandbox your connection with more inter-office hops than you can shake a stick at, etc. Now what?

Ordinarily I would see this study as a dead-end career (you'd be surprised to know how much time and effort is involved in publishing anything through the very entity you are telling on).

But what real choices do we have? What recourse is there? I already have the "other" internet provider along with spectrum, but big deal! I have a growing dossier on them too!

But at least At&t does it with a little more class; whereas the blatant attacks I receive on the Spectrum side are out of this world (every attack and port like a I.T. Tech has never seen was seen on the Spectrum side about a week ago from the time of this note, Feb. 22, 2022). The Denial of Service (and other attacks) came in simultaneously (how could the internet provider miss it?). The average bum off the streets that has a router has the capability to port-forward, or to block, etc., are we to believe our Internet Providers are strapped for resources within the routers that route all of our communities?

*p.s. Don't bother going to the website listed and stated within this video. It was forced down in less than six months.

*p.s. Don't bother going to the website listed and stated within this video. It was forced down in less than six months.

I was advised to call the police and make a report.

I did this. Springfield's Police Department was clueless of what they could do.

Why don't they teach our kids that this system is not what they are mandated to program them with?

If the system is broken, now what?

Just to give you an idea of how many years I've been battling the IP Providers, the following is an old 2020 excerpt of an attack that derived from upstream also.

My Historical Time Warner Issue

But if you want something MORE RECENT, the following recording should be interestingly symbiotic with the past, present, and probably the future (so long as monopolyism is permitted to flourish here. Some centralization might be called for, but not in the communications industry, our every word uttered can and will be used against us at the whims of those that control the controllers of our communications).

A word uttered is in no-wise the absolute action, no more than a thought of action is not a crime even if the thought included criminal activity. A sound or word uttered is akin to a thought vocalized and nothing more. In fact, every human on the planet has been caught uttering words, perhaps incorrect words, or the mouth wasn't expressing what the brain was thinking correctly, or any other myriad of reasons why words should not be jailable. I ought to be free to jump on my horse and shout "the plutocrats are coming, the plutocrats are coming", so long as nobody is physically damaged due to my procession. It is not until the words uttered followed by the speaker of those words actually following up with an action (that is criminal), should words be used against anybody. Such as, "I am going to kill you", spoken to a bug, a tree, a weed, or a person (Anybody that is a parent knows, "I am so going to kill you" has been uttered by every kid to their friend, or maybe a wife to the husband for forgetting to pick up the milk, etc.).

Words are not crimes. Words have no arms, no notion of pre-planned discourse (actually the non-civilian arena does the exact opposite, it will make claims as they see fit, such as printed on a label in the marketplace claiming, "Hi, I'm a tomato" (despite the fact that it was actually a product from a laboratory. Genetically modified yum?)

Let's not make a controller-type business by commandeering sounds that form words, because once that happens, ideas are squelched, invention is made myopic, and in a time of need, we are going to need all available communications to solve something that hasn't ever happened yet, such as global climate change, a civilian or military coup (would chain-of-command be to our demise?), etc.

Oho great, Here we go again.

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