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Springfield Computer Repair and Computer Parts for the Buckeye State of Ohio Disclaimer

Please note that I am retired and no longer in business since approximately 2014.

I will try not to turn away a person in my community in a time of need, so long as I am able.

Since I am no longer a Business and am simply working out of my home as a hobby (or service to the community in which I reside), the following links offer alternatives of others in Springfield that offer to service your pc:

Best Buy

or If you are needing your PC picked up,

Buckeye Pc Repair offers pickup and Repair service for a small fee.

However if you are not local and still wish to deal with me and are wanting to ship a computer in for repair, please use either a shipping service that is familiar with a return-box and shipping label or the United States Parcel Service (USPS), Not UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. which require I create an account with them or do not offer free pickup service as does our United States Postal Service.

By doing as specified will expedite the return-shipment back to you.


PC Repair Springfield

As for past customers:

The Computer Repair Guarantee LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM of the CUSTOMERS' RECEIPTS will remain in effect.

Thank You for your Understanding.

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