Pearl's Diagnostics Assessment and repair

Diagnostics of D.O.A. Desktop Computer

Desktop Computer arrived with no signs of life.

Upon removing the video card, system began to work, but when the power supply was tested, has a blown pci-e (your power supply had two- both were tested and fail).

Your power Supply may have been the cause of damage to the video card

Tested power supply showed blown video supply connectors (x 2).

Tested and installed the owner-provided replacement power supply.

Your unit will still need a replacement video card.

The onboard video-out connector appears blown or cpu-prohibited (or it may be a bios switch but checking that while you remained present produced no video either).

This unit may have been hit by lightening or some other power-related fault (could even be a manufacturing defective power supply).

So to recap, your computer had two problematic pieces of hardware (power supply unit and the video card). Both will be released to you upon your arrival.

There is no charge to install the new (owner-provided) video card.

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