Zach Alienware Diagnostics Assessment

Diagnostics of D.O.A. Laptop

Sunday night I will go online to see if a suitable replacement board can be found.

Although not mentioned within the video, there was also a totally blasted-out usb. It may have not even been working or if it worked, may have acted unreliably.

It's possible that liquid caused a surge on the board. Burned circuitry could faintly be smelled near the same usb on the board.

Crimped pin problem

This is a non-repairable item.

The pin can never become straight enough to slide into the female recepticle.

I think the laptop might have had more of a fighting chance if it were not for this severely crimped and bent power pin.

This Appears to be older liquid or other damage

Appears to be liquid damage

The charge for this diagnostics is $35.00

$35.00 additional for reassembly

Worst Case Scenario, if a motherboard replacement is not available, I could remove the damaged pin and solder over a wire (*this repair would still be dependent upon my being able to clean up the extensive liquid damage to the board in other areas).

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