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Springfield Ohio Live! War

Springfield Ohio Online Live! War
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Made in China. Why Not by our Community?

Are you okay if your son or husband surrendered but is defiled in like-manner? CriminalRead More

Ukrainian's right-wing (Right-Sector) "meat-wagon", coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

Ukrainian Forces receive heavy Parking violations

Public version of siteRead More

Amidst all the hubub...what the... Isn't somebody going to clean this mess off the road already?!

How are troops socialized back into a civil society to make a contribution for the betterment of mankind after being desensitized to murder?

No murder here

The only alternative, Complete Lawlessness?

*There is more to the Ukraine issues than I can type. But we should all be made aware that while the myriad of American companies that resided in Ukraine, we could have nurtured a better society there. Still the question remains, can we allow Russia to destroy without first consulting with the rest of the world?

This is just a friendly reminder that "we" are financing a violation of the Geneva Convention, the Minsk agreements, or something (and by doing so could warrant reciprocity in future aggression against US).

Can "we" choose to be more evolved and civilized than this?

*What you are seeing is Ukrainian troops have captured the surrendered Russian Troops and their tank. Some of the Russians are clearly still bound which implies they are not killed in action, they are taken prisoner and tortured, being murdered and their tank taken as uncivil asset forfeiture. This is now known violations of the law of war (yes, they even made laws for war).

Feel free to turn up the volume to hear the last dying words.

(Maybe someone can pass the dying words to his parents.)

After watching the short video, there's more to this than we Americans were told (lots more!)

Russians denied Surrender-status

Ukraine is partly inhabited by Russian Ukrainians.

Civil war broke out in Ukraine after a coup took control of the government and like a light-switch decided they wanted to kill all the Russian inhabitants.

*Eight years a civil war and thousands of Russians slaughtered without so much as a blurb from the media (or even a Nato genocidal burp).

We can do better than the "Shock Doctrine".

Plagiarized from the Cambridge Dictionary

Criminal meaning:

1. someone who commits a crime

2. relating to crime

3. very bad or morally wrong

And as a personal note:
I can't help but to wonder what might have been so valuably needed in the area of Ukraine that was comprised primarily those of ethnically Russian people. Without any documented history of provocation by the Russian-Ukrainians within Ukraine, leaves me with increased interest in the Russian-controlled area of Ukraine myself (oil, natural gas?).
What was worth the Ukrainian Civil War in the first place? It might be necessary to go back a little further in history, maybe starting with the newspaper archives for those areas. There has to be something more to make something like this kick-off.

The two regions where the Russian-Ukrainian's resided were the DPR and the LPR, but did they not pay their taxes or something? What happened to their previous years of harmonious citizenship in Ukraine?

For those of you unaware, This is Poreshenko, the previous ruler of Ukraine. I'm kind of surprised this guy isn't languishing in a prison somewhere. Has he not proven to be unsafe for the public and affected (murdered) millions of lives adversely?

With Love from Poroshenko

What happens after Poreshenko?

After watching the short clip, There's More

Real News?

Effort to preserve real history

Preserve real history

Fake News Everywhere

To preserve real history

If anybody has the time, play this video through a video editor at slow-speed and tell me your findings. I did not notice any debris that falls from the impact. This video has been propagated by CNN, Youtube, etc.

Copyright in an effort to preserve real history

This following image might seem off-topic but...

I saw this image shown of the Ukraine war and, a real-live smoking gun riddle.

Real history

What's more explosive and causes most damage, a missile or a tin plane carrying kerosene for fuel?

After you answer that, contrast this damaged Ukrainian building with any of those of 9-11 which disintegrated seemingly supernaturally. All three New York buildings, much more massive than this Ukrainian building, start to finish, fell in less than 10 seconds ("free-fall" speed).

*For anybody that isn't already aware, a missile made this damage to the Ukrainian building, but the building still stands.

Preserve our real history

Does Ukraine design more durable buildings?

Not likely, is the answer.

If Ukraine or Russia expects to win the war, they better buddy-up to our U.S. passenger airlines. Our passenger planes apparently are capable of producing way more damage than even explosive missiles.

God Bless our "news" stories.

The purpose of my hosting this is obviously for educational purposes and obviously there is no personal or implied profit made by my including this video on the website.

copyright exemptionCopyright Exemption Clause

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