Why I love America and the swagger of our Government in handling our infrastructure, logistics, etc.


There is nowhere else I'd rather be !
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Other governments simply run short of my idea of a good government. Why? Because they mostly suck.


The Country we live in

I feel it needful to state this January 11, 2021 that I am totally appreciative and so very thankful to my God that I was born and raised in America.

At one time I was miffed about something and decided I would punish the "system" by leaving the country. I even had a job and home already promised to me in another Country and would have probably been well-taken care of (or so I'm led to believe by family).

But man am I ever glad that American Government did not let me leave!

Now I've had this overly-patriotic fervor a time or two in my life and I've had the other side of the fence indulged upon also. Recently I realized that any gripe I might have against our Government for whatever I might have seen as an offense of epoch proportion (my feelings may have been hurt or something), that after my pseudo-studies of other countries and their government's infrastructures, I'm sold:

America is the only country I would choose to live in.

Many of the other governments of other Nations cannot even give their citizens electricity or paved roads or public transportation or a number to call police when things "go south" or their houses and cars are blown up (no phones, kick rocks). Many of the other governments haven't a shred of plans to create a pension, social security, or any other relief to its citizens.

I specifically tailored toward watching private videos ONLY, videos uploaded by citizens (of whatever country I was interested in knowing about). I wanted to see what average people within the country of interest had to say as they made their video to permit my focus on the real deal of life within whatever foreign nation.

The last two videos of the last two days have me so grateful to have been blessed by being born in America (as opposed to anywhere Africa, or any island, or Russia, or China, or England, and to be honest with you, I'm about sick of seeing videos of other countries (this phase is over).

Half the countries don't even have shoes on their people (even our poor in America have plenty of shoes). I mean there is people working in a rock quarry (the human kind) without shoes or an O.S.H.A.-approved hard-hat!

Call me spoiled but this is the only place on the earth a person like me could have survived as long as I have (I'm slow. And believe it or not, if it were not for the Government I would still be in denial to this very day).

I find myself often in awe thinking about being immersed with a bunch of Indians, Africans, Europeans, Asians, etc. etc. and wow! That's America! Imagine how easy it would be to rule a country of one ethnicity (easy-peasy, look at what happened with the Germans back in the day?).

But in America, we have ALL the races, ALL the multitudes of cultures and religions and diverse habits from east to west but somehow...there is a group of people that keep us all from killing each other! I mean think about it. It's impossible to please EVERYBODY, but American government has somehow juggled us all into a relatively peaceful nation (despite the corporate-driven media PROGRAMMING and their spin). The Divide and conquer game is played-out.

I have endured many years of homelessness from the east coast of America to the West in my younger years and can tell you this, not even our poor are dying of starvation. God Bless America!

Before you think so firmly that America sucks, DO try first to check out other places that you think are so great before you burn a pretty damn great bridge (our Nation along with it's articulate and patient government is the only haven for us!).

I hope this doesn't sound too...(whatever those other people call us Americans), but I think everywhere else sucks in one way or another.

For instance in some countries it's customary to bribe people!!! In other countries the number one Domestic Product is a Government-Run Scam. Imagine trying to hold on to a shred of good conscience in your everyday life with a nation of people like that?


Then there's some countries that are barely possess any semblance of civility. I watched enough videos of Russian life to say I respect and appreciate their people and history, but there will be no tards by the name of me going anywhere close to that place. In one of the videos showed some of the most dismal depressing scenes I've never had to see in America (not even in the "hoods" of America were seen life that is so ... tentative).

In parts of Africa and India there appears to be no regard for personal space and I'm sorry but having somebody sit on my lap while I sit on another person's lap is not cool.

Every Nation has it's ills, but at least ours has a cleaner appearance and if there's a dead human body in the water floating, we don't just leave it there while doing our laundry and bathing in the same body of water.


Give me America or Give me Death!

Finished with my momentary patriotic fervor? 😀

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