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Springfield Ohio USA
Springfield Ohio Community, USA
Made in China. Why Not by our Community?

MagicJack is the Bomb!

MagicJack, a non-capitalist that has evolved in an Industry that is appreciated.

American Success Story Past and Present

I'm almost 60 years old and of all the phones I've tried, nothing compares to what these guys offer for less than $40.00 A YEAR for phone service.

Thanks MagicJack!

Remote Control KILL

Save the Americans! A Plutocracy of the neo-corpo-polity.

Tighten your Belt in 2021

Give this crime a glance before following that carrot down to their store.

Yandex, the New Google?

Springfield Ohio Post Top Bots for this American Server.

Yandex vs Google?

The Yandex Search Engine has a New York Office and can offer some surprisingly current and relevant results!

Is American Government on to something toward a greater end for the world?

If you can find a starving American man or woman, ask him or her.

America's system might not be perfect, but they have a pretty good track record of keeping us all afloat somehow.

1st Draft

Springfield Solar

Off-Grid Solar Panel and Solar Panel Kit Shop Springfield. Off-Grid or Bust

Solar Kits Include:

Lateral, Truss, and Pole Steel

Industry-Best Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels

All Nuts, Bolts, Clamps, and included hardware

Destabilizing Plastics

Effects of Plastics Destabilization

Surely We can develop something better than this.

Now if we can only convince the plutocracy that they ought to loosen their reigns and laws so that we can untie our economy before it collapses entirely.

Seeking a manufacturer that produces plastic roll sheeting or film, at least 3-foot wide rolls or sheets.

The plastic film cannot contain any opaque, etching, UV protection, adhesive, or any other deviation from clear magnified plastic.

Seeking sheeting contractor



Must contain evenly distributed magnification.

The .ml is irrelevant unless otherwise being necessary to achieve a pre-determined and set magnification.

Do you know of a manufacturer that produces this sort of product?

Are you a Producer of this product?


kennyhendrick @ protonmail.com

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