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Oh Hello.
Springfield in Ohio USA
Springfield Ohio Community, USA
Made in China, why not our Community, Why?

It's what's for Dinner

Missori's Mickey and her off-grid Blog.

A woman alone in a sea of billions says,

"Even snake tastes good when you're hungry."

Margit Affrunti and her off-grid lifestyle and experiences.

Get some

More "What Not to do" Lessons

Warnings of what not to do

Feeling especially creative today?

Maybe you might want to sit back down and forget about it.

Selling Fakes "Legally"

Deceptive Practices resembling a common Street Scammer

Rackets of the Market Place

Plundering America

What's Next?

Factory Reset?

While relaxing with a freshly-rolled cigarette and enough caffeinated coffee to kill the average chimp,

Popping right out of nowhere is the question,

Where's the crap?

What I mean is:

If pyramids were made by beast and man,

Where is all the fertilizer?

Camel Feces, Foul Feces, and elephant feces, and various accident-prone men feces... over every inch between every block that comprise the pyramids,

Where is this crap?

So the question that popped into my otherwise peaceful head, has now likely popped into your head (according to the mind-sciences).

No Solace Today

Not sure if it's related, but add this crap to the new revelations within the science of Quantum Physics, and you find yourself with a lot of temporal products failing to hold shape at some unknown future date.


Don't look Now

Then came a rock

Big Rock aims for Toledo

Clark County

Local Police.

Nothing in life is perfect, that goes for all of us (including police).

Media mentioned that some people are calling for the un-arming or dismantling of the Police.

I've listened enough of the Police Scanner to honestly say, I'm glad we have them.

Considering that their jobs are so dismal,

Replace them with what?

Alimony, Seriously?

Alimony to a Government that uses somebody else's wife for gain.

Shouldn't I have been married first before assuming it okay to steal my money?

Just because a woman apparently has tacked on my last name to hers does not make her my wife.

Off-Grid Electricity Storage

Free Solar Electricity from trash

Don't throw your trash away, re-purpose it.

Living with storage of Solar Electricity

Patriotic Bravery?

Can we do better than this?

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