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Springfield in Ohio USA
Springfield Ohio Community, USA
Made in China, why not our Community, Why?

Springfield 2019 Wind Storm

Wind Storm in Ohio

It's worth some broken stuff to an otherwise boring day...or week.

What the Chess?

Do you see the best way to move out of check with the least amount of damages?

Chess Question Chess, It's your move

Spooky in Springfield

How a Springfield Storm turned steel and plastic into Trash.

Anybody want to watch God destroy my project?

Here's your video.

Annke Security Systems Review

Wind Storm in Ohio

Check out the latest 4k DVR's made by Annke and sold through Ebay

Forever Free DC Cooker

Great investment!

Public Link to un-finished works

The following link is an example of a draft of an unfinished work.

This link is to show why I have a private access listed on my website and the difference between the two.

Example of a Publicly-accessible entrance.

The public is permitted to pre-read some of my intial writings and works, such as this type of Public version of sitePublic version of un-finished work.

How to make a stable 12v Supply

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