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Made in China. Not our Community. Why?

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Whether it's instructions on how to build something, disassemble something, prepare something, or just a passing thought that simply sounds good, don't wait till you're 6 feet in the grave, our Nation needs your ideas!

Write it up, doll it up, and send it.


Communications is a step toward creative thinking, problem-solving, and economic and social recovery.


America's Morningstar has Long-Life Products

Morningstar Corporation is one of the finest product-makers I know ofMorningstar Corporation is Just such a Company

Not only are Morningstar's all-steel Controllers durable, but unlike the Midnight Solar controllers, the Morningstar Tristar's are able to be set-up plug-and-play

I've personally been using their products for over a decade and never once has a problem occurred.



Quantum Mushroom

by: Kenny Hendrick

Date:December 28, 2021

Just when you thought it was safe to come outside, the game changed!

When bad stuff is happening to your mailMass Manipulation

Time to consider changing your email provider

What if I could prove to you that your dreams, secrets, future plans, investments, and your entire mode of communications (whether texting in a phone or emailing with a pc) are subject to the neo-corpo-political privileged consideration? Privacy?

Think, learn, think some more, and act. End of story.

To Consider...or not

We Hear from the Media Moguls, the analysts, the community, now let's step aside long enough to hear from another Book.

Off-Grid Electricity

Free Solar Electricity

What started out as a curious purchase of a solar panel, soon became a hobby.

Living with Solar Electricity

My idea?

Thoughts of an evolved forward-thinking aim.


(so we can get a Taxi Company~ ";-)

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