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Springfield Ohio Community, USA
Made in China. Not our Community. Why?

World Poker Tour

World Poker Tour

Online Poker Assessment

Your Mom is Next

Clark County Municipal Court Sham(e) in Springfield Ohio's Judiciary.

The Just-us System

You be the Judge

Our tiny gripes and strifes against the government here in the U.S. are paled in sight of a world that would rather see the U.S. fall off the map.

That hate translates to every American black, white, asian, etc, etc. that is over here.

The foreigners that advocate overthrowing or killing U.S. with no thought of [...]

Kenny's Quick-Correlations

Chart equates 48v in 12v terminology.

48v Correlatives using 12v terminology.

Hendrick Sign Services

Hendrick Services

Full Color, Full Service, Sign-Maker in Loxahatchee Florida

Make stable 12v

Quick and stable 12v power supply unit.


Nobody should have to go without eggs.

Letter to the Polity

Letter to the Polity, USA

Touching on National Security

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