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Springfield Ohio of USA
Springfield Ohio Community, USA
Made in China. Not by our Community. Why?

Computer Repair

Springfield Ohio Computer Repair

All Microsoft, Apple, Linux, and BSD PC Repairs Welcome.


Have something to say?

Whether it's instructions on how to build something, disassemble something, prepare something, or just a passing thought that simply sounds good, don't wait till you're 6 feet in the grave, our Nation needs your ideas!

Write it up, doll it up, and send it.


Communications is a step toward creative thinking, problem-solving, and economic and social recovery.


Keep Your Wireless Devices

Potential Security Breach

Potential Security Breach

Keep your nose clean and your presumption of privacy when using wireless (anything) even cleaner.


Made in America and Proud of it.

Save the Nation

There's a higher probability of a tomorrow here.

Home Sweet Home

Where else can you find a country packed with more diverse cultures and colors of people than America?

Sure America, like every Nation, has some ills.

But all things considered, I'd say that somebody is doing an incredible job of managing us all, think about it.

Who is Lynda Tyvoll?

Lynda Tyvoll Missing

Missing in action

AT&T Fiascos

Plutocracy neo-corpo-polity

AT-and-T, Tricks and Traps

When our only option for communications becomes embedded by a cabal and goes rogue, then what?

Gotta piece of bread?

Would you have handled this situation differently if you were in control of our border?

Is arresting husband, wife, and child one of your ideas to not chase money away from our depleted economy and debt repayment?

Our Nation sure could use that Canadian Dollar right now.

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